Six Home Projects to Take on this Fall in Houston

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Today is the first day of the 2019 Fall Season!

Fall in Houston, happens to be one of our favorite times of year! Cooler temps make it easier to remain motivated to complete those “Honey Do’s” and home projects you’ve been putting off for months! We’re highlighting some of the top projects we recommend you put into action this fall, to make your home even more amazing!

  • Replace your windows—Are you noticing condensation on your windows or is it feeling drafty during the cooler nights? It might be time to replace your windows. Glass with multiple panes, spacers and filler gases can often solve this issue! Take the time to swap out the problem windows for new, energy efficient options.
  • Give your home a fresh coat of paint—Whether it’s giving your trim a fresh coat, or power washing and re-painting your entire home, new paint can make all the difference and fall is the perfect time to do it! Prolong the life of your siding and trim with a high-quality paint to protect those exposed surfaces!
  • Clean your carpets—Cooler temps mean open windows and free flowing air throughout your home—that also means your carpets will dry all that much quicker! Get rid of the dust and grime from all the summertime fun and reduce the allergens with a good old fashioned carpet cleaning!
  • Clean your gutters—Setting a time each year (like, fall!) helps you stay on top of your gutter cleaning and prevents overflow and blockages during the heavy, Houston rainfall. Extend the life if your gutters through being proactive.
  • Switch your ceiling fans—Ceiling fans should turn clockwise during the colder months, pushing warm air back down into the room. There’s often a simple button on the fan that changes the direction. Fun tip: Have a wobbly ceiling fan? Here’s a quick guide to balancing it out!
  • Re-organize your storage space at Amazing Spaces—Now is the perfect time to sort through your storage space, get rid of unwanted items and clean the area. Get rid of any pesty cobwebs or dirt, dust off the surfaces and re-arrange items in order of easy access. For example, now is the time to move your holiday décor to the front of the unit, making your job all that much easier come that busy time of year!

We hope that you found these tips helpful, and we’d LOVE to see you at any of our locations—stop in for a cup of coffee on us! We love our amazing clients! Happy fall cleaning!

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