Houston Flood Prep for Your Family and Your Pets!

Houston Flood Prep | Houston Flood Prep for Your Family and Your Pets! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Flood season is upon us again! Here are some simple steps to saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars during flood season here in Houston:

Have a flood kit prepared—What to pack in your kit

  • A battery operated radio or a NOAA Weather Report radio with tone alert and tune to 740 AM, 88.7 FM for emergency alerts.
  • A flashlight.
  • A couple gallons of water (one for each person in your family for a minimum of 3 days).
  • 3 day nonperishable food supply, and powder formula if you have any infants.
  • Purchase a portable charger (or two!) to keep in the kit just in case!
  • A whistle. Buy one for each person in your family to wear around their neck or keep on bright plastic wrist coil bracelets.
  • Keep personal documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports, driver’s license, health insurance card, etc, in a waterproof bag.

As your family grows and changes, take an inventory of your flood kit every single year! Now, where to keep your flood kit? Keep one at work, that includes comfortable walking shoes. Keep one in your car in case you are stranded and keep one in your home where all family members know it is kept.


Create a pet care plan for your special furry friend

  • Include a 1-2 week supply of food and clean water.
  • Microchip your pet to keep track of their location in the case of an emergency. If microchipping is out of your price range, make sure your furry friend is at least wearing a collar with your contact information at all times in case you become separated.
  • If they take medications regularly, keep a month supply of those in a waterproof bag.

If you’re concerned about a pet friendly evacuation shelter, talk to your vet or contact  the Houston SPCA.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Talk to your family about an evacuation plan to stay safe and dry! Whether it’s a friend’s home or a facility, planning this ahead of time will save a lot of stress and anxiety during an emergency. Stay safe, dry and informed, Houston! For more information on flood preparation visit readyhoustontx.gov.  Better yet, make flood preparation an educational family trivia night event with Ready Houston’s Free 15 minute DVD!

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