11 Sensational Game Room Organization Hacks

Whether your game room is in the corner of your living room, or an entire room in itself, finding the best game room organization techniques can be a low priority on your home design to do list. However, the game room is often the room where so many memories are made. From epic video game battles to board game challenges, your game room organization should be a reflection of your personal style of fun!

Plan for an Abundance of Seating

Game Room Organization Chairs

When organizing the layout of your game room, it is important to plan for a variety of scenarios. To ensure you have enough room to accommodate a variety of different party guests, be sure to include a bunch of different seating areas and options.

Couches, chairs, and even bean bags go a long way to add comfort to your game room and enhancing the overall experience. Also, fun seating options add to the playfulness of your game room, while gaming chairs will undoubtable help your guests feel more comfortable and take their gaming session to a new level.

Use Shelving to Organize Your Games

Game Room Organization Shevles

Shelves are your game room’s best friends. We recommend using a mix of both open and closed shelving unit options for your game storage. While board games can stack very neatly inside a shelf, too many at once may end up looking cluttered. Create a clean look by using a shelfing unit with doors and adding breathing room wherever possible. This is one of the most effective game room organization hacks and should be implemented wherever possible.

Group Like Items Together

Game Room Organization Together

Create different stations and play areas within your game room to help guests know where to go. Keep all of your puzzles in one place, your board games in another, and all gaming systems together. Incorporate boxes and other storage solutions to further group items together. Organizing your game room into different “themed” areas make it much easier to keep it clean in the long run and helps simplify the entire clean up process.

Organize and Protect Your Board Games

Game Room Organization Games

One of the lesser-known ways to organize your game room is inside the actual board games themselves. Protect your games by using card protectors and sturdy organizers. Many of the more popular board games have sturdy game box inserts and holders available. These holders help enhance the game playing experience and ensure your items stay neat and tidy inside the box.

Use Lighting to Create an Ambiance

Game Room Organization Lighting

There’s nothing worse for your eyes or your mood than playing a game in poor lighting. Nowadays, there are a variety of energy friendly lighting options that allow you to switch things up depending on your mood. Add some variety into your game room by purchasing Philips Hue lights and change the color depending on the theme of the night. These lights come in all shapes and sizes, so you can also incorporate rope lighting and other fun lighting displays to make your game room pop.

Include Lots of Surfaces

Game Room Organization Surfaces

Make sure you plan to have enough clean and clutter-free areas for both playing board games and placing food and beverage items. If space is of concern, consider purchasing collapsible table options, such as TV food trays or camping tables. This will allow your guests to have enough room to both play the game and enjoy the treats you’ve prepared for them.

Better yet, have different table areas for different games. By having extra tables, you also offer the option to keep more complicated game setups in place for longer periods of time. This is especially helpful for games like Gloomhaven, where the setup can often take 30 minutes or more.

Use Wall Space Effectively

Game Room Organization Wall Use

Use your walls to creatively store gaming supplies and even score boards. Not only does this create less clutter in walking path areas, but it also adds functionality to the room itself. Use your wall space to creatively store your video games or wall mount your TV to add more surface area to your entertainment center. Done correctly, your wall storage can even look like wall décor in your game room.

Have Enough Space and Keep the Area Open

Game Room Organization Space

There’s nothing worse than jabbing your opponent with the pool cue stick and ruining your shot at the pool table. Similar frustrations occur when you knock over the Jenga tower because your elbow hit the table. When organizing your game room, make sure you create open spaces to give room to the competition and allow everyone to breathe. Having enough room is the most important aspect of your game room and it may require you to sacrifice other elements, such as additional gaming stations or a bar area.

Don’t Overdo the Game Room Décor During Your Game Room Organization

Game Room Organization Overdo

While the organization of your game room can be and should be a reflection of your playful side, too much of anything is a bad thing. When planning out your game room design, don’t overdo it on the décor and make the room outshine the games. Moreover, too many decorations can add clutter and distraction to the gaming process, making the ambiance of your game room less enjoyable for guests.

Organize Your Game Room’s Cords & Cables

Game Room Organization Cords

One way to make your room feel instantly unorganized is by having unsightly cables and cords everywhere. Taking the time to properly organize and store your cables will go a long way in your game room organization. One of the easiest ways to minimize cable clutter is to use cable ties to hold the extra slack of the cable.

You can even color coordinate your cable organizers to better identify what goes where. You can take your organization to the next level by hiding the wrapped cables inside a cable cord organizer box; it’s so much more discrete and easy on the eyes.

Give Your Controllers a Home

Game Room Organization Controllers

One of the harder things to organize in your game room are the controllers of each of your gaming consoles. Most likely, you have multiple controllers for each of your systems. Purchase holders for each of your controllers so they have a “home” and a place to neatly reside.Step up your game room organization by creating charging stations for these items. Place the holders inside your entertainment center and snake the cords through the tv stand for easy access to plug in the controllers. This allows you to keep the controllers charged at all times.

Older gaming systems, televisions, routers, and other items will also need to have their cables tamed. Use cord wrappers to help protect the cables and connections of each controller.

We hope you found these tips helpful for your upcoming game room organization project. If you find you need more space as you organize your home, consider extending your home into one of our clean and secure storage spaces. Your items are our priority.

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