Getting Organized for School

My, how this summer has flown by! If you’re like us and have spent the majority of the summer break having fun, it’s time to start getting organized again just in time for the new school season.

Below are a five tips on prepping for back-to-school season:

  1. Buy School Supplies Early– Waiting until the last minute to shop for school supplies? You’re not alone. The week before school is always the most hectic, so we suggest shopping for school supplies as early as possible. You may even want to consider ordering items online through an online retailer such as Amazon.
  2. Plan Your Weekly Calendar– Aside from just dropping off and picking up (unless your kid is a bus-rider), you need to factor in things like extracurricular activities, study times, or parent-teacher conferences. Having a weekly calendar planned out will help tremendously in this situation.
  3. Prep for the New Schedule– A few days before school starts, it might be a good idea to acclimate your kid(s) to their upcoming school schedule. Have everyone wake up as they would be going to school, plan their meals and snacks accordingly, and have them go to bed at a reasonable hour. It might seem a bit much but waking up on the first day of school will be so much easier!
  4. Plan the Wardrobe– Start by sorting through what your kid already has. Make a pile for keeps and a pile for donating- try to look for pieces that are still fashionable and not too worn for keeping. Then, make a list of what items you need and go shopping! It also helps to pick out the first-day outfit to save some time in the morning.
  5. Set up a Study Corner– If you don’t already have an area set up for homework or studying, it might be a good idea to designate one now. This needs to be a quiet, clutter-free area where your kid can do their homework/studying without being disturbed. This could be a kitchen table, an office area, living room, or an area in their room where they won’t be too distracted.

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