How to Pack Dishes and Glassware When Moving

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If you’re like me, you are moving this summer. I’ve moved every summer for the past five years.  Fortunately, this year I am actually moving closer to my position in The Woodlands, Texas. Even better, we’re moving to one of my favorite neighborhoods in Houston: the Houston Heights!

I would say one of the most annoying things to pack is dishes and glassware. Packing paper and boxes was how I used to pack dishes and glassware. To help make sure dishes or glassware does not break while moving, you have to wrap every single item in packing paper. Now, don’t get me wrong – this method works very well and is often what professional movers will do.  However, when you’ve moved as often as me, you realize that moving paper (while cheap and good for most items) is incredibly messy and annoying to deal with for dishes. Seriously, by the time you unpack your kitchen, you have wrapping paper up to you waist. It’s the most obnoxious thing to clean up and just adds to your moving stress.

Working at Amazing Spaces has given me insight to a few Amazing tricks of the trade that I want to share with you today.   This is how I’m going to move next time because it’s just smarter, less wasteful, and frankly: easier.

So, if you are ready for it, here are the best ways to pack dishes and glassware:

  1. Cell Pack and either an Easy Lift Dish Box or a full on Dish Box

First off, what in tarnation is a cell pack?  A cell pack is a special container for boxes that can be customized to fit a variety of dishes and glassware. It’s easier to show you what they look like than explaining:


As you can see, you can create sections of cardboard to separate dishes and glasses. No more clinking!  These fit nicely into one of our double walled dish boxes (you need to feel how thick these boxes are!). These boxes are a nice size and have convenient handles for easy dish carrying purposes.  You can also use one of our larger dish boxes (get someone strong to carry one of these bad boys, but like the dish box, they are very thick and sturdy).

box-for-dishes-easy-lift box-for-dishes

  1. Glass kits or Dish Kits and a Small Box

So these are probably my preferred method of moving dishes or glasses.  I like the little padding packets that come with them.  As you can see in the picture, you can customize the shape of the inserts so that they fit your particular dishes or glasses perfectly.  What is especially handy is that these inserts fit right into one of the Amazing Spaces’ small boxes, which have convenient handles. The boxes are double-walled, so you can be assured your items will stay secure when moving.

moving-glassware-kit  fragile-dish-china-box

These methodologies would also be very handy for storing items like Christmas ornaments or older dishware that you don’t use often, but don’t want to get rid of.


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