Room-by-Room Organization: The Living Room

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Today we’re talking all things living room organization! This is a space that can be the most fun to decorate because you can let out your creative side in a variety of ways. Creating your own little cozy spot can come in many forms…whether it be mixing and matching lamps, layering rugs or displaying family photos on the wall—this is a one of a kind space that you can truly make your own! All that being said, you must organize your space and make practical decisions about your selections before putting the finishing touches on things!

Coffee table functionality—Gone are the days of the traditional coffee table. Now, they’re used as more than just a place to set the remote, and more as additional storage space and even a portable ottoman. If you entertain often, you’re best off opting for something with hide-away storage for things like coasters or additional throw pillows. If you have children, select something with storage space that can accommodate toys or items often used and as a result are left lying around the living room. A great example is something like THIS! Not looking to replace your furniture and left with a traditional table? Utilize the space underneath or on the bottom shelf for storage bins like THIS!

Decorative storage—Oversized storage options are key to an organized living room. Wondering where to store all of those fuzzy throw blankets and pillows? There’s some great versatile options out there that are both decorative and practical! Make it a habit to keep your living room tidy by folding or rolling your blankets and placing them in the basket after each use! Check out one of our favorite baskets on Wayfair!

Use space behind the sofa—The “dead” space behind your sofa could be saving you space, if only you use it! Consider adding a sofa table which fits against the back of your couch and can be used for additional storage and also serves as a great spot for lighting. Looking for more storage options for your children’s toys? This toy organizer is one of our favorites and can easily be placed behind a sofa or another “tucked away” spot in the living room.

Minimize your furniture—You’ve heard the phrase “Less is more”—well, the same goes for your living room. You need a space that can accommodate your family and guests, but, you also want to keep it functional and not go overboard on bulky furniture that takes up too much space! Determine the exact amount of space you have and how many pieces of furniture make it truly functional. Not sure where to store unused furniture? We can help! Contact us and visit one of our FIVE storage locations to discuss options to fit your needs! Our team is always happy to help answer any questions you may have!

We hope these ideas have helped inspire you to organize your busy, everyday spaces so that you can live life more functionally and comfortably! Happy organizing!


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