The Top Ten Most Difficult Things to Move

Moving is TOUGH, especially if you need to move one of these bad boys:

packing-fragile-items2Fragile Items (Art, Family Heirlooms, China and Glassware)- Most of these items aren’t necessarily difficult to move but you need to ensure that you are packing them adequately so that nothing gets broken or damaged in the move. Bubble wrap will be your new best friend here! We’ve got you covered on these sorts of packing materials – check out our Amazing stash of moving supplies.


expertdelivery5f-1-webLarge Furniture Items (Mattresses, Dressers, Sofas, Refrigerators)- With most of these items there isn’t a lot of risk for damage but just the fact that they are so bulky and awkwardly shaped (sectional sofa) makes them difficult to move. Make sure that you know where the items are going to go and measure the door frames to be sure they will fit through. Remove any drawers, cushions, covers, etc. and clean out your fridge entirely. Wrap small pieces and protruding parts (like legs and handles) in bubble cushion wrap and secure doors and drawers with stretch tape.


StoreHandlerTVs- The problem with TVs is that they can be quite large and heavy, and the monitors can be easily damaged. You could choose to wrap the TV in a blanket and simply carry it as is. If you do, make sure that you use a thicker blanket and use tape to secure it. Probably the best way to move a TV is to put the TV in a flat tv box . Conveniently enough, these you can purchase at any of our store locations in either a 42” or a 52” size.  Be sure that it’s packed tightly so that it doesn’t shift around when it’s moved.


children-5874626Children- one of the toughest aspects of any relocation is to help your children fit in the new surroundings. Check out tip #4 on our Moving Out of State Tips post here for great advice on moving with children.


moving-pets-ftrPets- Moving with pets isn’t easy but it is feasible as long as you know what measures to take to keep them safe and comfortable. Always visit your vet first in order to ensure the good physical health of your pet and to ask for advice. After that gather supplies (don’t forget to check any regulations in your destination place if you have a slightly more exotic type of pet), choose an appropriate travel crate, and prepare food, water, toys or whatever is appropriate in your case. The best option is to take your pet in your own vehicle and stop frequently on the road for walks and play. Let your animal friends stay in your old home to the last possible minute and treat them with a lot of love and care.


car-shipping-300x178Vehicles- More often than not, you can drive your vehicle to your new residence, or you can contact an auto-shipping company and have your car delivered to you. The difficult part when moving vehicles is the paperwork. You need to register your car in the new state (or country), update the insurance, and transfer your driver’s license.


downloadSpecial Permit Required Items- Depending on your final destination, it could be illegal to import a certain type or a large quantity of alcohol and/or guns. You may need to obtain special permits or pay extra money to receive the right of taking such items with you – research the requirements in your future state and move your weapons in compliance with the rules.


dsc-3146Plants- This is something you probably wouldn’t think of as a difficult but a move can be traumatic for plants. If your plants are in ceramic planters, it’s best to move them to plastic planters which are much lighter. You can pack up your ceramic pots to ensure that they don’t get broken. A lot of house plants also need to remain in a temperature-controlled environment, so putting them in the back of a moving truck in 100 degree heat is not a good idea. Put the plant in the car with you where the temperature is just right.


professional-piano-moversPianos- If you own a 1,200-pound grand piano, you’re in trouble. These instruments are oddly shaped, extremely heavy and very difficult to get into a new home. Many people simply hire a piano moving service to do the dirty work for them.


aquarium-movers-300x206Aquariums- If you have an aquarium full of fish, then you have a moving challenge. It’s certainly do-able but it’s something you need to take particular caution with. There are specific ways to ensure that the fish and aquatic plants survive and if you’re moving long distance it might be wise to consider selling or giving away your fish to someone who lives close by. You can also look up companies in your area that specialize in aquarium moving.

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