How to Become the Most Organized Person at Work

how to be the most organized person at work | How to Become the Most Organized Person at Work | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Did you know that studies show the more organized you are at work, the more productive you’ll be? As we’re getting reacquainted with normal work life and culture, consider testing out some positive habits inside the office working from home during quarantine.

Staying on top of a hectic work schedule can be exhausting when papers and supplies are making a mess of your limited workspace. A disorganized desk creates clutter in the mind, just as it would in your home! That’s why we’ve put together some time-saving tips to help you get organized at work!

 Organize Your Projects

Before reorganizing your mind, space, and schedule, it’s important to layout and prioritize your current ongoing projects. Keep a to-do list of what you need to get done within the next day, week, and month. This will guarantee that you have everything written down as visible accountability for your task list.

Physically writing down things down will help keep you mentally organized and this will assist you in your schedule creation process. You’ll also be able to prioritize which project you need to focus on first  and which projects can be saved for later. You can look back on past to-do lists as milestone markers to track your work progress. Staying on top of your projects will also positively influence your team members and colleagues, helping them stay accountable to get projects done efficiently. Watch how your mission to become the most organized person at work transform your colleagues, too!

 Organize Your Workspace

Cleaning and tidying up your work desk will clear your mind and set your intentions right for getting work done. Trying to work with a mess around you will cloud your judgment and increase your stress-levels. Decluttering is the first step to organizing your workspace.

Get rid of anything non-essential within reach and throw out any unnecessary paperwork. Generally, if you haven’t used or looked at something in the past six months, it should not be in front of you. If you need to save it for future reference, file it away.

Speaking of filing—creating individual file folders based on category or client will allow for easy access. Once your non-essential papers are gone and ongoing papers are filed away, you can move onto bigger items. Start with everything essential that you need in front of you.

Maximizing your space for productivity will ensure your projects get done efficiently. Take an inventory on everything you use on a regular basis and lay them out for easy access.

 Stress-Free Organization Starts by Planning Ahead

Take care of your mental health when you’re readjusting to the everyday work grind. Use your to-do list to start each day. This helps focus your energy on each of your goals and outlining what needs to be prioritized throughout the day. Once your goals have become clear you’re then able to block your time and schedule how the day should go. There are many tools available to assist you with this effort. At Amazing Spaces, our A-Team uses the Commit 30 Planners to plan out each day and take charge of the month.

When blocking out your schedule it’s essential to add chunks of time for taking breaks and giving your brain a rest after big projects. This keeps you accountable by creating deadlines for yourself and adding time limits to important tasks.

While going through your task list throughout the day, try to avoid multitasking and taking on too many jobs at once. This will disrupt your ability to concentrate and make proper decisions. A general rule of thumb is to complete one task entirely before moving onto the next!


We hope these tips will help you become the most organized person at work. Creating a personalized space that’s conducive to your particular needs and work flow is essential. Don’t be afraid to make your workspace your own! Here’s to an amazing and productive work space!

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