Room-by-Room Organization: The Nursery!

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Wrapping up our room-by-room organization series, we’re focusing on a room in the home that can often experience the most chaos…The Nursery! Calling mamas out there who are frustrated with ALL the things being ALL over the place, this article is for you! Before baby arrives, everything is nicely folded, every diaper is stacked perfectly, the crib is decorated, and you may find yourself sitting in the room gliding in the rocker and dreaming of all the sleepless nights. Fast forward to after the baby comes home and things seem to turn upside down! That’s why we’re sharing some tips to help you get organized, stay organized and keep things practical!


Setup a Mobile Diapering Station—Utilizing a utility cart like THIS one and placing it near your diaper changing table can make all the difference! Keep the cart stocked with all the essentials to keep your baby dry and cozy while staying organized. The cart allows for plentiful storage space while not creating a mess on top of the changing table itself. The fact that it’s also mobile allows you to freely move it as baby grows. You may start with it in your master bedroom, then move it to the nursery and eventually down to your main living area. This versatility is brilliant!


Utilize the Dresser as a Changing Table—A dual purpose dresser saves space and leaves you more room for the essentials! There’s no need to have a separate changing table when you can simply use the top of the dresser with a quality changing pad and cover! Traditional changing tables often have open bottom portions with shelving, however, a dresser that also acts as a changing table when needed, allowing for more drawer storage and will grow with the child!


Maximize Closet Space—Utilizing both proper shelving and space to hang clothing allow for the most maximized space. During the first few years, utilize the shelves for things like blankets, sheets, swaddles, and bibs. As baby grows you can then switch out those items for small toys that they can easily access. Instead of just placing items on the shelves, storage bins can also be used to keep items out of sight and organized by category.


Setup a “Mama Command Center”—Select a versatile side table to place next to the glider. This becomes essential for those long, sleepless nights. Keep it equipped with nursing pads, additional bottles, lotion, a full water bottle, and small snacks like granola bars. The linked side table serves as the perfect option with a built-in storage bin along the bottom, serving as the perfect place to store your essentials. It’s SO important that YOU stay hydrated and fed so that you can take the best possible care of baby!


These are just a few of our favorite tips to get your nursery organized! Practical items like this Stickat from Ikea® serve as the best support while you juggle all the responsibilities of being a mama. Using items that allow you to keep the most used items nearby will be sure to make your everyday life that much easier! Wishing you the most amazing nursery space where you will make the most amazing memories with your little one!

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