Best way to get organized for the new year

Getting Organized New Year

Getting organized for the new year!

Happy New Year! This is the perfect time to start fresh and begin accomplishing those goals you’ve set. One of the most popular goals that people set for the new year, is to get organized! How many times have you started out with good intentions but life got in the way and you fell off the wagon early on? We’ve done the research and created a checklist that we believe will help you achieve a manageable, long-term system for your lifestyle. Let’s get started!

  • Create a list of actionable items—The concept of getting organized can often times be overwhelming and daunting. This year, create a comprehensive list of things you’d like to accomplish to feel more organized. Begin by placing items in specific categories, then, tackle each category, one at a time. For example, sort by home, office, school, indoor tasks, outdoor tasks, etc. Writing out a list is proven to be the first step towards accomplishing the tasks, so, be sure to write it down!
  • Set yourself up for successStart small-For example, instead of focusing on organizing the ENTIRE kitchen in one day, break it down. Commit to sorting and organizing one drawer or area of space per day. Setting attainable goals over time, helps keep you focused and committed. Reward yourself-Whether it be treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting, after a large organization project is complete, or a coffee for getting one room organized, giving yourself an incentive helps keep you motivated! If you’re more inspired by giving back, donate your unwanted goods to charity and if cash is your motivator, sell your items online! Accountability- Choose someone to hold you accountable! Whether it be a spouse or a friend, we could all use some encouragement and often times need some tough love. Select someone who knows how to motivate you and will celebrate your victories with you!
  • Make it a habit—Instead of waiting until January each year to get organized and purge all the rooms in your home of all the belongings you’ve collected over the past year, make it a habit to regularly organize your spaces! Go room to room and dispose of, or donate items you’re not regularly using, and store away items that create clutter. Clear counters, store remotes in small baskets, roll throw blankets and place neatly in a large wire basket next to the fireplace, and simply get in the habit of putting things away after you’re done using them! This can make a huge difference.
  • Create a safe environment—There’s things you can do on a regular basis to keep on top of important maintenance to ensure your family is safe! A few items that should be at the top of your checklist include: replacing batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and making sure they’re working properly, clean dryer lint out of the vent to prevent risk of a fire, make sure your filters in your heat/air conditioning units are cleaned and venting correctly, lastly make sure your bathroom or attic are vented to the outside, to prevent mold.
  • Create a cleaning system—Inevitably, when you’re cleaning regularly, you’re also sorting and organizing! By creating a weekly/daily cleaning system that works for you, you can stay on task and be most efficient! Some daily cleaning often includes cleaning the dishes/or running the dishwasher, wiping the counters in the kitchen and the bathroom, making the beds, throwing clothes into the hamper, organizing toys into their appropriate place at the end of the day, sweeping the dining area, placing daily mail in a basket in the office, and hanging jackets/coats in the closet upon arrival home. Heavier cleaning can be done on the weekend like cleaning the bathrooms, laundry, vacuuming, and washing the floors.

Most importantly, give yourself grace and trust the process. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your house or life surely won’t be organized in a day. These are just a few, simple steps that we hope help you create systems that work for you and your family to give you the most time for the important things in life, like your AMAZING family and friends!








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