Organizing your home! Introduction to our Room-by-Room Series!

Room by Room Organization Tips

The holiday rush is over, your guests have gone back home, you are likely putting your spaces back together from holiday decorations. This is the time of year that so many of us feel the pressure to….get organized! That’s why we are rolling out a new blog series to help you get organized room-by-room! But, before we break it down, here’s 4 healthy tips for home organization that we couldn’t help but share to kick things off!


Start with a system—Whether you choose to follow the Marie Kondo method or create your very own form of de-cluttering. It’s important to have a system in place that lends itself to long-term success! Come up with a specific plan and if it’s working, stick to it! For example, for every new toy that comes into the house, an old one is to be donated. Or, buy a new piece of furniture? Re-purpose or donate another that’s not being used and just taking up space! Having a plan will help you stay organized over time!


Storage—Determine what spaces in your home will be designated storage spaces(ie: attic, garage, outdoor shed)! Then, plan out exactly what type of storage you’ll use for each. Whether it’s wall storage, plastic totes, floating shelves, baskets, you name it! Having the right tools on hand before starting your project will be vital to your success!


Design Style—Do you know what design style you’re most drawn to? Take THIS quick and easy design style quiz from HGTV and determine what your style vibe is! It’ll make the process much easier as you venture out for new furniture and décor as you purge and reorganize your spaces!


Set a date—This last piece of advice may sound silly, but, we promise that it’ll help you accomplish your overall goal of getting organized! Sit down with your calendar and mark down goals and when you’d like to see them accomplished by! This is a great activity to practice as we roll out our room-by-room series because you can get specific. Decide a date to tackle this list as you prepare to start the journey and then mark down certain dates you’d like to see your specific rooms completed by! Always remember to give yourself grace along the way realizing that this is a journey, not a destination!


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