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Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home these days and for many of you—your littles are also home with you! One of the most useful things you can do is create an organized and purposeful play space. This means that you may just get a work conference call completed without interruptions and these days, that’s liquid gold! Here’s our top tips for organizing a space to keep them occupied and inspired!

Step #1: Sort and rotate— The best place to start is by sorting through all of the toys and placing them in piles based on category. That means, Legos in one pile and construction paper in another! Chances are that your kids are only playing with about 25% of the toys in their play room and the reality is that they’re probably bored with the residual. While sorting through, be sure to choose the toys they use the least and place those in a storage bin. This is the beginning of toy rotation! Check out THIS article on just how it works! Stowe those toys away for a few months before bringing them back out and your kids will feel like they just got all new toys!

Step #2: Setup the play area(s) for success— Once you’ve selected the set of toys for the first “run” of the rotation, you’ll want to present those in a way that is most appealing to your kids. I know this sounds a bit over the top, but, there’s science behind it and it works to your advantage in the end! This type of learning is called Montessori style and essentially it sets children up to work independently and in an engaged manner. There’s schools that teach this style of learning, however, you can setup your own at home, with these few simple tips.

  • Think minimalist. Make the space soothing so that it encourages concentration and creative play. Offer just a few toys and take note of what items they are enjoying the most. If it’s an obvious trend, you can simply re-introduce similar items and ride that wave! But, the less toys the better—think quality over quantity!
  • Give each toy a home. Pick a designated spot for each toy and show that to the child. Then, they know where to put it back after they are done playing. Avoid toy bins with a range of random toys of different types, instead, opt for shelves and place each toy in a particular spot by category! Here’s one of our favorite organization pieces!
  • Open space. Having open spaces for the child to play are essential to this style of learning. Having a small table and chairs just their size, gives them the space for creative play with toys or art activities.
  • Let the light in. When selecting a play room or space, choose one with lots of windows. Natural light creates a sense of security and happiness. If you’re limited on options with windows, selecting a neutral or calming color pallet for the walls and inviting accessories can provide the same impact. You could also bring nature in with some potted house plants.
  • Display their artwork. There’s nothing better than their very own artwork inspiring future creativity and you want it as a height that they can see! Display their masterpieces with a handy wall organizer like
  • Keep it cozy. An inviting space will only encourage the child to spend more time there! Set-up an area for them to cozy up on a chair and read or better yet, create a hide-out with our favorite kid’s teepee. Place a basket of their books in there with a big fuzzy blanket!

Step #3: Add a few (new) items to the collection. Introducing a new toy once a month or so, doesn’t have to break the bank and it can keep your child’s interest. If adding toys, we recommend problem solving items like puzzles and blocks.

These are just  a few ideas that we hope helped you begin the journey to a more organized play space! If you’re limited on space to store those stow away toys—we can help! At Amazing Spaces, we have lots of different storage options to fit your needs. Give us a call today, one of our A-team members would love to guide you through the process! 281-378-4343.

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