How to Prepare an “Open First” Box

A properly prepared “Open First” Box will make your initial unpacking efforts so much better.   After our second move, I discovered the necessities of one of these bad boys.   I’m serious.  It usually hits you around the time that you need to use the restroom, wash your hands, or even take a quick shower when you think “Oh, no! Where did I pack the shower curtain?!”.

To help y’all settle into your new homes as perfectly as possible, I have put together a list of my personal favorite “First Moving Box” Essentials.

Open First Box

Shower Curtain and Rings

I cannot emphasize this one enough…after moving, you’re going to want to take a shower. You’re not going to want to dig through boxes to find these things.  Be smart, pack the rings with the curtain.  They’re not always included with the apartment and then you’re stuck draping it over the pole.  It DOESN’T work. Trust me.

Toilet Paper and Soap

This doesn’t need an explanation.  When  nature calls, you usually need to answer.  It’s usually nice to answer that call with supplies from your open first box.

Shampoo and Shower essentials.

This is especially nice when you’re moving to an unfamiliar area.  When my fiancé and I moved to Houston, we landed around 12am.  We didn’t know where to go, where to find the items, what to do.  Having something like this would have been so much easier

Towels and Change of Clothes

Just good to have handy after that shower J

Special Toys for Kids/Pets

Keep them occupied and excited about your new home

If you’ve got a cat, give them the box after you unpack it (this could work for some kids, too).

Special Toy for hubby

Having a power drill handy will be a saving force for all those furniture items

Phone charger

These tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a move. DO yourself a favor, buy an extra and put it in your “Open First” box.

Wine and/or Bottle opener

Because.. moving can be stressful


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