Tips for Moving Your College Student to Houston During Hot Relocation Season

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Houston is currently booming with relocation activity. Real estate directors are swamped with work helping newcomers find homes and this can be attributed, in large part, to the influx of college students attending the area’s many higher education institutions. In the back-to-school frenzy, there is a lot that students need to accomplish to feel right at home, and of course, they’re going to turn to their parents for help. From getting acquainted with a new roommate to dealing with a small space, it can be a bit overwhelming, which is why we’re here to offer tips to parents who are moving their college students to Houston and getting them adjusted to their new lives. Once they’re adjusted, you can have the peace of mind that they’ll have a better focus on their studies (and, of course, the fun parts of college living).

Finding a Roommate

Not every student chooses to have a roommate, but it’s a great way to make new friends when moving to a new area and it never hurts to have someone with whom to split the rent. If you’re paying for your child’s rent, lowering it with a roommate is probably a priority. In this day and age, one of the best ways to find a roommate that’s suitable for you is through social media. Try having your son or daughter post on the Facebook page describing what they’re looking for in a roommate. Maybe he or she isn’t dead-set on moving in with someone who attends the same school, and in this case, classified ads such as CraigsList are a great idea, too. Help them to consider what their roommate dealbreakers are and include them in the ad. If he or she has an aversion to smoking, for example, be sure to list that. Cleanliness, significant others, schedules, splitting utilities, furniture, and pets are other things to take into consideration.


Dealing with a Small Space

We all know what it’s like to be on a college student budget. You don’t want your student to overspend and realize they’re in a place they can’t afford (in which case, you know they’ll be turning to you for money!)– not to mention, since lots of students are looking for places in the Houston area right now, the pickings might be slim. There’s a good chance many students are going to end up with a small space. Take this into consideration when helping them pack. Don’t encourage them to bring too many oversized items. Instead, be sure to invest in useful space-saving storage for them, like under-the-bed containers and vacuum sealed bags.

If they plan on moving to Houston for the duration of their college career (or simply end up bringing too much stuff), it’s a good idea to look into public self-storage spaces. For a small fee, some space can be freed up in the apartment while having all the necessities close by.


Finding Furniture

When furnishing an apartment on a budget, this is another good time to turn to classified ads. You can get secondhand couches, tables, chairs, and more from other people for way cheaper than you’d find at any old Ikea. This is also a great time to check out Goodwill and other secondhand stores, as there will probably be plenty in the area and you can find some great pieces for next to nothing. You never know!

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