Finding The Best Real Estate Agent For You


Tips On Choosing A Realtor

best real estate agentsAlthough realtors commonly advertise themselves on yard signs, online ads and direct mailings, it can be difficult to interpret the information presented in these ads to find the best agent for you. It’s also not as easy to find information and reviews about real estate agents as it is to find information about other service professionals. There are still several ways to review a real estate agent’s record in the Houston area to discover the best agent when your family is looking to buy a home.

Speak With the Agent’s Recent Clients

Ask the agent for a list of some recently listed and sold homes in your area, along with the buyers’ contact information. Find out how long the homes were on the market, and if the buyers were pleased with the price and service they received. Look for an agent who has sold homes with the price, location and key features that interest your family.

Check the Agent’s License and Disciplinary Actions

Real estate agents are licensed by each state. The states also take disciplinary action as needed. Check with the Texas regulatory agency to determine if the agent you’re considering has been licensed, or has had any complaints or disciplinary actions. You will most likely be able to find the information listed online.

Look For Professional Realtor Awards

The National Association of Realtors presents awards to realtors on both the state and local level. Because the awarded realtors are judged to be superior by their peers, these awards are a great endorsement of their achievements.

Find an Agent With Good Credentials

Best Real Estate AgentsJust like doctors and other professionals, many real estate agents get additional training in specific areas. The designation listed after a real estate agent’s name usually indicates that the agent has received education in a particular area of real estate sales. A Certified Residential Specialist would be trained to handle residential real estate. An Accredited Buyer’s Representative has received additional education to represent buyers in financial transactions. A Seniors’ Real Estate Specialist specializes in assisting buyers over the age of 50.

Check the Real Estate Agent’s Experience

The state licensing division will be able to tell you how long the agent has been in the real estate business. You can also ask the real estate agent directly. Look for an agent who has been selling homes in your desired area and price range for at least five years.

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