Allow us to take the hassle out of your next move with our efficient box options!

Best Moving Supplies | Allow us to take the hassle out of your next move with our efficient box options! | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Packing up and moving to a new amazing space? If you need help boxing up those unique items like a flat screen TV, a tall lamp, or your golf clubs, we’ve got you covered! Our fully stocked moving supplies make the entire process that much easier for you!


For delicate dishes use our Dish Packing Kit that fits perfectly in our Dish Box that includes easy to hold handles so you can carry your precious china without the worry of dropping it!


Wine Not Take Your Spirits With You! Our Wine Box and wine shipping inserts perfectly hug delicate wine glasses, so you can celebrate your new home with a nice glass of wine while unpacking!


Store your DVD player, electric cords, laptops, gaming consoles, receivers, computer equipment, routers, and more in the sturdy Electronics Box.

Portraits or Mirrors

Moving framed portraits and glass mirrors was stressful before you discovered Amazing Spaces. The Amazing Spaces Picture & Mirror Box is an expandable box that can be used to safely pack paintings, pictures and artwork. The box pulls apart into two pieces and can accommodate artwork of a variety of sizes. This box is also helpful for packing mirrors and any kind of wall art! Surprise: This box can also be used to transport bicycles.


Moving televisions can be tricky. Even though they are lighter now than they ever were 20 years ago, it’s important to ensure your television is protected. We offer two sizes in our TV boxes to fit a range of televisions. The  Small Flat TV Box can safely move 42-46 inch TVs and the Large Flat TV Box can safely hold 48-52 inch screen TVs.

Golf Box

Are you a golfer? Do you need to move your golf clubs safely and securely? Look no further! Our extra-long sturdy Golf Box will hold and secure an entire bag of golf clubs.

Surprise: This box is also commonly used as a Lamp Box to move those large, awkward lamps that are both difficult and dangerous to move. This box is so amazing because it prevents your valuables from breaking with an insulated double wall.


Make moving your closet easy and amazing by using one of our foldable Wardrobe Boxes! It comes is 3 sizes to fit your needs: a foldable 34”, a short 40”, and a tall 48”. This specialty box folds to easily fit into your vehicle, no tape required!  All of our wardrobe boxes come with a sturdy bar to hold your clothes. Move your items directly from the closet to the box to your new home as efficiently as possible. Your clothes will remain on the hanger and make unpacking a breeze!

You can visit our website for our full listing of moving boxes, HERE!

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