Easy Move Prep

Moving Prep Teips

Being proactive when it comes to preparing for a move can help eliminate a lot of unwanted stress. Start planning sooner than later and you’ll be grateful for the smooth transition in the end. Here’s some great tips on getting started early on your move preparations!

  • Keep a designated notebook—This is step 1 to staying organized and keeping your thoughts, ideas, contacts, and information in one place. There’s nothing worse than searching for lose papers, instead, keep everything together in one notebook that you can reference throughout the process. Additionally, creating a checklist sorted by weeks is one of the best ways to get things checked off one at a time.
  • Study your new space—Evaluating the new space you will be moving into is helpful when planning for what furniture and goods will come with you during the move and which will stay or be given away/sold. Obtain a floor plan or study photos of the new home to determine what you’ll have room for.
  • Hire movers or rent a moving truck—Research moving companies and get a quote from at least three.  Amazing Spaces has met a variety of Houston area movers to take on as service partners for extending the Amazing difference. To be one of the movers referred by Amazing Spaces, the mover must maintain all licensing requirements set by the state of Texas, as well as offer insurance, provide a sense of security (we personally meet all our moving partners – if we don’t want them in our home, we won’t refer them to yours), and have a solid reputation.  If you’re choosing to move yourself, consider hiring one of our preferred moving partners for a labor move (where the mover simply loads items strategically into your rental truck) and contact our friends at Penske to find the best rental truck for your needs
  • Rent storage space for your items— Whether it be permanent or temporary self-storage for your prized possessions, we can help! Amazing Spaces has storage solutions to help maximize your home environment including climate controlled space, vehicle, boat & RV storage, and wine storage. Not to mention our amazing amenities and state-of-the-art security. Check out this blog post all about how to decide on the best size storage unit and call us today: 281-378-4343.
  • Change of address— When moving to a new home, it’s always smart to send a change of address notice before moving out. Here’s the ultimate checklist for notifying all the right people about your change of address! Better yet, here’s a direct link to changing your address on com.
  • Forward your mail— Just to be sure that you don’t miss any important notices or bills during the transition, go ahead and forward your mail. It’s quick and easy, just use this helpful link!
  • Get packing supplies— Having all the right supplies for efficient packing is half the battle! Guess what? We can help with this too! Here’s a link to all of the moving supplies available at all of our locations!


We hope you find these tips helpful as you prepare for your next move and always remember, we’re here to assist you in making your move smooth and efficient!

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