What to Expect on Moving Day

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Rise and shine! It’s moving day! Your boxes are fully packed, your china is bubble cushion wrapped, and a full day is ahead of you before you move to your next amazing space! Here’s some things to keep in mind as you begin your big day:

  1. Mentally prepare—No matter how much you plan, sometimes moving day never goes as expected. As stressful as this may be, remember to set reminders throughout the day to breathe. Stay hydrated and stretch at the beginning of the day to avoid muscle cramps from heavy lifting.
  2. Protect your floors—Cover your floors with a tarp to protect them from the outdoors while movers are going in and out of your home. Doing this will make cleaning up much easier! Be sure to ask your mover about the floor protection they provide as well!
  3. Be prepared to treat your movers—Have cash on hand for tips and drinks readily available to keep them hydrated! For a full guide on the proper mover etiquette 101, visit our blog post: here!
  4. Stay organized—If you’re packing-up your home yourself, be sure to have the boxes all packed before the movers arrive and stack them neatly into one area with a clear path for the movers to smoothly transition items outside.

There’s also a LOT of moving parts on move day, so, staying organized with an itemized list, properly labeled boxes, and minimal distractions is best! You’ll be getting pulled many different directions, so, having someone else look after your kids and pets would be beneficial. Speaking of pets, have you checked out our Moving With Pets blog post? It’s packed with all the tips and tricks you could need for a smooth move with your furry friends!

  1. Allow movers to take the lead—If you have hired movers to pack your items, the best preparation happens before they arrive on moving day! Leading up to moving day, you can group common items together, have itemized lists and mark any fragile items but, the day of the move, allow the movers to take the lead and do their job! You’ll feel less stressed and they won’t feel micromanaged in their role!
  2. Communicate with your movers—In an effort to make moving day as simple as possible for your movers, walk them through the best transporting routes (ie: if you live in an apartment complex, ensure the gates open for them and you know where to direct them for the proper parking. If in a high-rise ensure which elevator they can access easiest and utilize all day.) These are all things that will help them do the best job possible!
  3. Create a timetable—If you’re moving locally, you’ll want to arrange the logistics of getting into your new home on the same day as you move out of your old home, or, staying overnight somewhere else until you’re able to move in. If you’re moving cross country, movers typically come a few days before you turn in the keys, start the journey with your items to the next destination, you follow suit and may stay in a local hotel in your new city allowing time to clean and do a final walk through before moving in. Just take account for the time needed to clean your old space and new space!


We hope these simple tips help you feel most prepared for your next move day and take the stress out of your experience!

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  1. Jessie Holloway
    December 21, 2022 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks so much for talking about how to treat your movers after they’re done helping you. My aunt is moving houses and she has a lot of stuff to pack. We’ve been looking into finding a local moving company to help her pack up and move everything in a decent amount of time so she can start her new job, but we’ll have to be sure we have drinks and such for them as they’re working.

  2. Thanh Hung
    March 13, 2023 at 4:03 am

    Thanks so much for talking about how to treat your movers after they’re done helping you. My aunt is moving houses and she has a lot of stuff to pack.

  3. Markwatson
    May 26, 2023 at 4:10 am

    The article’s organization was commendable, as it covered various aspects of moving day, starting from the initial preparations to the final moments of settling into your new home. The writer’s expertise and experience were evident in the practical advice shared throughout.


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