Amazing and Unforgettable Going Away Gift Ideas

One of life’s most heartbreaking moments is when someone close to you tells you about their plan to move away. While you feel joyful for their new adventure, it’s easy to feel sad about not being able to see that person at the drop of a hat anymore.

It’s completely normal to feel a sense of impending sadness and to worry about what life will be like after they move away but do your best to stay present and get as much quality time in as possible. Be supportive of this individual and do your best to aid their efforts as much as possible. Moving, especially long distance, is one of the top five most stressful life events. Being a source of kindness and compassion is one of the best going away gifts you can give this individual.

A moving away gift can be a beautiful gesture and symbol of how you feel about this person. Anytime they look at your gift, feelings of warmth and memories of your time together will surface. In this blog post, we’ve outlined our favorite going away gifts for you to give to someone dear to you. These gifts have been selected based on functionality, ease of transport, and, of course, sentimental value. We did our best to include a variety of moving away gift ideas for a variety of situations.

What NOT to Give Someone Moving Away

Going Away Gift Idea - No Plants

Before we get into the best going away gifts, we want to remind you to think carefully about your going away gift. Don’t just pick up something random so you have “something to give them”. Remember, this person is packing up their entire life into boxes; adding another thing to carry into the mix can add to the stress. That’s why, we recommend avoiding giving hard-to-carry or pack items like plants, glassware (yes, including wine glasses!), bulky décor, or even chocolates.

This is especially true depending on the timing of the gift. If you plan to give the gift a day or two before the person leaves, then it’s likely they’ve already packed everything and put it on a moving truck. In this scenario, one of the kindest things you can offer is to send the gift in the mail to the person, so they don’t have to carry it with them as they make their way to their new home. Certain items, like plants or chocolates, are likely not up for that journey and should just be avoided until you can schedule them to be delivered to their new home.

Phew, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into our BEST going away gifts for someone who is moving!

Mementos from Your City

Going Away Gift Idea - City momentos

Does your city have something famous about it? Maybe a hot sauce, statue, or even flag? Some of the best going away gifts play this up to the max! Consider giving your loved one a mini trinket from your city to remind them of home. For example, to remind someone leaving Houston of home, you could give them a Bravado Spice Co hot sauce, an Astros hat, space themed socks, a Texas shaped puzzle, or even one of these Homesick Candles.  Again, just be mindful of the timing of the gift; these types of gifts can get difficult to carry on a plane.

Plan an Adventure in Their New City

Going Away Gift Idea - City Adventure Plan

Plan a night on the town for your loved one in their new city. Look up the most popular restaurants and, if possible, procure a gift card for them. Research to see if there are any museums or places of interest for them to visit and order tickets for them. If they are moving to a small city, try looking at areas nearby; most likely they have a movie theater or something fun for them to do! It’s very important to keep this gift open ended. Often, when you do a long-distance move, there is some lag time between when you arrive and when your belongings arrive.

It’s vital to take a night to relax upon arrival, but that second or third night in the hotel is a perfect time to go out and explore the new city. It’s also the time that loneliness and fear can start to set in. When you plan out a night on the town for them, you are giving them the gift of a brand new, amazing memory in their new home. Could there be a more special gift to give someone who is moving away from home?

Surprise at the Hotel Upon Arrival

Going Away Gift Idea -

As mentioned above, there’s usually some lag time between when you arrive in a new city and when you move into your new place. In this scenario, one amazing goodbye gift for your loved one is a surprise at the hotel upon their arrival. Not only does this eliminate the need to pack the gift, but it’s a beautiful way to remind them of your love after a long day of travel.

Lots of hotels will accept packages and deliveries on your behalf; you just need to call to confirm. Another option is to go through the hotel to schedule a delivery of champagne to celebrate their move. Imagine their surprise when they discover this thoughtful gesture!

Create a Custom Picture Book

Going Away Gift Idea - Custom Photo Album

This is one of our favorite gifts to give someone who is moving away. What better memento than a book filled of memories of your favorite times together? Nowadays, you can find small or slim versions of these books that are easy for the recipient to pack and take with them. Whenever they feel lonely or homesick, they can just pull out the book and be reminded of how much they are loved.

Small Personalized Luxury Token

Going Away Gift Idea -

There’s something to be said about having something that is unique to you. A lot of luxury brands like Tiffany & Co, Mont Blanc, Mark & Graham, and even Cartier offer small personalized gifts for your loved one. Engrave their initials, an inspirational quote, or even a note about your love for them to keep with them daily. This going away gift is something your loved one can keep with them for a lifetime; every time they look at it, they will think of you.

Framed Picture of a Fabulous Memory

Going Away Gift Idea -

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than pictures. Select a frame with the individual’s tastes in mind and choose a photo that emphasizes your relationship. If you can’t choose just one, consider printing out multiple and stacking them in the frame. That way, you infuse extra memories into one gift. Picture frames can be tricky to pack, so if you plan to give this right before the person leaves, be sure to keep it no bigger than a 5×7.

Map Themed Shadow Box Crafts

Going Away Gift Idea -

This was one of the best going away gifts I have ever received. This gift does require some extra planning on your behalf. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make something similar to this on your own by just printing a map and adding it into a shadow box. If your hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired, try ordering a custom map gift from Etsy.

Gift of Your Time

Going Away Gift Idea - your Time

Take some time to schedule video chats and calls with your friend. Make the effort to add them to both of your calendars. Be sure you plan far enough out that the time of the call doesn’t create stress on the person moving. It usually takes at least a month to get settled after a long-distance move, so try planning at least a month in advance. Better yet, schedule a re-occurring chat session. If you add it to your calendar, you’ll have much more success in seeing it through.

Going Away Gift of Inspiration

Going Away Gift Idea - Notebook

Another amazing gift I received before a long-distance move was a journal that had the first few pages filled with words of encouragement and love from my best friends. They shared their best wishes for my new adventure and poured love onto each of those first few pages. It’s been over ten years and looking at that journal still fills my heart with happiness. The gift of inspiration can be given in so many different ways. While my friends gave me a journal, other options are writing in the margins of a favorite book, motivational notecards, a memory book, or even something as simple as a heartfelt card. This can be one of the most amazing and sentimental things you can give your friend before they move.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. At Amazing Spaces, we believe in making moving amazing. We know that moving creates unimaginable stress and are here to assist you in every possible way.  We hope you were able to discover the most amazing moving away gift for your friend, colleague, or loved one.

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