How to pack glassware for your big move


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There’s nothing worse than opening up a box after a move and finding broken glass. It can often be a challenge to find the right way to pack glasses, but, that’s why we’re here to help with our handy-dandy supplies list as well as the best tips and tricks to keep your glassware safe and sound!

Supplies you’ll need, that you can find at your nearest Amazing Spaces location:

Helpful tips for packing glassware:

  1. Don’t use newspaper—It may be tempting to use other household materials for packing purposes, but, it’s not always worth it in the end. If you choose to use newspaper you’ll be left with ink covered glasses that you’ll have to wash once you get them unpacked. The best option is to use our packing paper linked above.
  2. Use a small box—It’s always better to use a small box when packing anything fragile because it keeps items contained rather than extra open space for them to jostle around.
  3. Use small bubble cushion wrap—A good rule of thumb to use when choosing bubble cushion wrap is to select your wrap, based on the items you are protecting. The more fragile item you have, the smaller bubble you want in your bubble cushion wrap.
  4. Place the heaviest glassware on the bottom—This may seem like a self-explanatory tip, however, it’s often temping to just throw that additional pitcher into the top of an already open box. This is just a reminder that it never ends well when you place heavy items on the top.
  5. Add a thick layer on top—Don’t pack your box all the way up to the top. Instead, create a buffer in between the top layer of glassware and the top of the box. This allows for additional room to place more padding such as packing paper, foam wrap or bubble cushion wrap to secure your glassware even more!
  6. Shake and label—Always be sure to gently shake your box to make sure you don’t hear any rattling of the glassware inside. If you do, you need to add more padding or do a better job individually wrapping the glasses. Be sure to also label the box “fragile” so that movers know to use extra care during transport.

How to pack glasses, glassware, and fragile items

Step 1: Start by selecting a sturdy and secure box.

Step 2: Crumple several sheets of packing paper and layer on the bottom of the box. You can also use sheets or towels for added protection.

Step 3: Wrap each individual glass with packing paper or bubble cushion wrap. Start on one corner of the wrapping, roll until covered and tuck remainder into the inside of the glass. Be sure the wrapping is thick enough that you can’t feel the glassware’s edges.

Step 4: Place the glassware on it’s side in one single layer on the wrapping paper. (Unless you’re using our amazing glassware packing kit, linked above!)

Step 5: Line with a layer of bubble or foam wrap and repeat steps 3-4 until the box is about ¾ of the way filled.

Step 6: Create another layerof protection with wrapping paper and/or towels and sheets.

Step 7: Seal and label your box. Secure the box with mailing tape and label as “fragile”.

How to pack stem ware or wine glasses:

You can follow similar steps as shown above, however, remember when wrapping stem ware, always wrap the stem FIRST. Ensuring you’re not just leaving the bulk of the paper for the glass globe portion of the stemware. Create even packaging all around and always wrap glasses individually. Place on the top of the box in between other glasses and the top cushioning.

We hope these tips and tricks are helpful during your next move. Please visit us today at any of our 6 locations we would love to assist you with your next moving project!

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