The Top 10 Items You Need to Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing

The “for sale” sign has come down, the deposit on the rental truck is paid, and the house has been packed up into (what seems like) a million boxes! Now, it’s time to get moving. 

But before saying “goodbye” to your old neighborhood, have you considered how to travel with your beloved pet? According to the research, approximately 9.8% of Americans change households every single year. On top of that, 90.5 million US families own at least one pet, as discovered by Insurance Information Institute. So, the numbers are very clear – people move a heck of a lot and bring their pets with them!

That’s why it’s important to do everything possible to make your pet’s move amazing.

At Amazing Spaces, we compiled a list of the top 10 items pet owners sometimes forget to think of when moving.

From cats and dogs to fish and birds, here is what you need:

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with ID Tags

It is a pet owner’s worst nightmare…

You’re driving along or flying to your new destination, and suddenly, the car door pops open. Or a window gets accidently rolled down. Maybe weather causes the plane to land unexpectedly and a layover is required. And in all the ruckus and confusion, your darling pet manages to pull a “Houdini” and escape.

Terrifying, right?

The sad truth is that hundreds of pets go missing each year. It is an emotionally devastating event. When moving with pets, be sure that their ID tags are worn around the neck (for dogs and cats) or securely tied/locked onto their travel carrier. An up-to-date address and phone number could potentially save your pet’s life, and at the very least, help get them reunited with you faster.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with a Collar or Leash

Similar to the point above, collars and leashes are mandatory. Like humans, pets often need to stretch their legs on a long trip. A sturdy leash makes walking them outside and going for potty breaks both easy and safe.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with a Carrier or Cage

Third on our list of essential moving items for pets is a cage or carrier. Depending on which species your pet is, this will look different. For example, fish (obviously) require a tank filled with water. Whereas a budgie will need a wired cage with a perch, a snake will need a plastic container with holes poked in the top, and larger mammals can fit into a full-sized crate.

The purpose of this is twofold. On one hand, it keeps a pet from distracting the driver – AKA you. Additionally, cages and carriers reduce the likelihood of your pet experiencing an injury during travel.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with a Water Bowl

Did you know?

A dog needs to drink one ounce of water per pound they weigh, on average. But during a move, we sometimes forget to stay hydrated. This occurs with pets, too! Keep a spare water bowl in the car. We love these popup ones from Dog Lab.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with Food and Snacks

Hopefully, this next suggestion is a no-brainer. Don’t wait until the last kibble is at the bottom of the bag before prepping for a move. Keep yummy pet treats and snacks in stock.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with their Favorite Toy

Many pets become anxious and afraid during a move. Luckily, their favorite toy (such as a plush stuffed animal) can be calming. When packing your pet’s toys, allow them to have one close by during the actually travelling from point A to point B. Unless of course, they are unsupervised…then skip this tip.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with a Car Seat Cover

Number 7 on our list of best moving items for pets is a car seat cover. Yes, yes, yes…we know…this is more for YOU than it is for them! However, the last thing your pet will want to do after a big stressful move is have a bath at their new home. With a car seat cover, if they get muddy or wet during the trip, everyone stays that much cleaner.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing with Bathroom Essentials

Will your move take longer than thirty minutes? Then it’s wise to bring poop bags. Don’t get caught empty handed in an unfamiliar city or town without them. Disposable litter boxes are a must for our feline friends!

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing by Having Medical Records Handy

On a practical note, assemble your pet’s medical records and keep them in an easy to access spot during the move. Proof of vaccinations are sometimes required for crossing states/borders, so have these handy.

Make Your Pet’s Move Amazing by Refilling Any Prescriptions and Medications

Lastly, refill the bottles of any medications your pet may need. It’s best if these are kept in your purse or glovebox compartment out of the sun.

Crossed Everything Off the List? Enjoy Your Move!

Changing homes is an exciting time. There is a fresh place to explore, new friends to make, and lots of fun experiences for your pet to have. Before leaving your old address behind, take a moment to run through a list of all the items needed to make your pets move amazing!

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