Follow-Up with Megan: Settling Into a New Home

Back in June, we had the privilege of speaking with first-time home buyer and A-team member, Megan Gilbert. We learned more about her experience buying a home during the peak of a pandemic. Her practical insight and flexibility to adapt her wish list left us eager for an update!

We chatted again with Megan about their move-in process, additional health and safety precautions she has taken due to COVID-19, and her methods of showing-off her new home to friends and family while remaining socially distant.

  • Mover Etiquette—One of our first questions to Megan was about what it was like having movers in her home during a pandemic and what precautions they took to make her feel safe and comfortable! She shared that the moving company she hired was incredibly health-conscious by keeping a safe distance away and wearing masks. She recommended that if your moving company isn’t following the proper procedure in terms of health safety and is making you feel uncomfortable, it’s important for you to speak up. Your safety should be their top priority. Check out some of our preferred service partners on our website. We love providing our amazing customers with amazing partners to make their experience as smooth as possible!
  • Sanitizing— Before settling into her new home completely, it was important to her that she take the extra few steps to sanitize everything at least once more. This included using disinfectant spray on surfaces as well as washing all of the clothing that was transported before placing it in the closets and drawers. Additionally, she decided to place carpet protection film all throughout the home with specific paths for the movers to follow into each room in the house. This helped avoid the additional cost of shampooing all of the carpets after the move was complete.
  • Re-decorating— Luckily for Megan, the home is move-in ready, however, they did find themselves searching for a few key furnishings to complement their new space! Since in-person shopping at furniture stores is more challenging during the pandemic, they did most of their shopping online! Utilizing sites like Amazon keeps shipping costs down and searching for gently used items on Facebook Marketplace is also a great option. If you are purchasing from Facebook Marketplace or reaching out to friends and family for second-hand items, be sure the space you’re getting the items from is clean and safe.
  • Bug and pest control—When living in Texas, you know that bug and pest control is a monthly essential to keep your home safe from invaders. Megan recommends hiring a licensed pest control specialist who will treat your outdoor and indoor areas once every month. It’s all about long-term sustainable control since bug invasions can happen often and quickly get out of hand.
  • Virtual new home tours— Finally, after seeing a picture of her beautiful new home, we wondered how they’ve been showing off this new space to family and loved ones. She went on to explain that in order to stay as safe as possible, she has been using FaceTime to video chat her friends and family members who are not able to see the house in person just yet! Check out THIS amazing guide to start planning your very own virtual housewarming party!

Real Estate During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We truly wish Megan the best as she begins this next chapter in her beautiful new home! We’d love to hear from you—what are some tips that you have implemented while moving during the pandemic?!

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