How to Move Out of Your Parent’s House

Are you thinking of finally moving out of your parent’s home? Well, good for you! But then again, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You see, becoming independent is great. It also means that you’ll have to pay for your own bills, rent, and other expenses.

Adulting is hard as it is, but moving out of your parent’s house is also very stressful. And really, there is no easy way to do it. Fortunately, though, we’ve made a list of the steps you need to follow to move out and re-adjust in your new house.

When is it Time to Move Out?

Before we get to the part about how to move out of your parent’s house, we should first consider if it’s actually even time to move out yet. How do you know when you are ready to move? Is there a specific time to move out of your parent’s house?

It all depends on your particular case. Are you emotionally ready to take the leap? Are you moving out for the right reasons? Are you happy with your decision? And of course, most importantly, are you ready for the financial burden?

In fact, you might even want to consult a financial service before taking such a big step. After all, you don’t want to end up in debt just because you wanted to be independent! So, double-check if you have enough saved up to survive living on your own.

Make a monthly budget chart with all your expenses, including groceries, first and last month of rent, security deposit, monthly rent, monthly utility bills, utility setup charges, deposits, commuting costs, cell phone bills, and entertainment. This would ensure that you don’t go over budget, especially since you’re moving away from home.

Communicate with Your Parents

When you’re moving out of your parent’s house, you’re not the only one being affected. Your parents’ life will also drastically change once you’ve got your own place- and not only because they’ll miss you.

Thus, it is super important that you discuss your plans of moving out with your parents. They will either be super proud of you for finally becoming independent, or they could also want you to stay forever.

Hence, make sure to communicate your intentions very clearly to them so that they can also adjust well in their home once you’re gone. And, of course, ensure that you’re very sensitive to their needs and emotions throughout.

Formulate a Plan

As with any big venture, making a solid plan is important before moving out because it ensures that things proceed smoothly.

You should also decide on a tentative date so you and your parents are on the same page, and you can take things from there.

Save Up

Finances are definitely the most important aspect of moving out. If you don’t have enough credit, you should work on establishing good credit, so you don’t have to take any loans. Nevertheless, even if you plan on renting, you still need a good credit score or at least a co-signer with a good credit score.

However, we’d suggest you save up either way. You will also need money for the down payment, so stop overspending, at least for now.

A good start would be to start cancelling unused memberships, cooking and eating at home, and also cutting down on shopping expenditures.

Work Out Your Budget

Before you start looking around at different houses, you should have a pre-determined budget as per your affordability. But remember, you’re not just getting a place; you will also need to cover utilities, insurance, and rent (if applicable).

We suggest you get advice from a mortgage broker to make the right choice instead of ending up with a great house in which you can’t even afford to live! The broker will generally use your gross income, debt, and credit history to predict how much lenders will be willing to loan out so you’ll have a good idea of your actual budget for the house.

Understanding Renting vs Ownership

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the renting vs buying debate (don’t miss our other amazing blog post all about renting vs buying). You see, both have their own pros and cons, depending on your specific  situation.

While renting seems like the cheaper option, it actually ends up costing you a lot more than buying a house. But then again, buying a home will require you to pay upfront, and that may not be feasible in this stage of your life.

Find an Amazing Real Estate Agent

If you decide to buy a house, you should seek professional guidance. If this is your first time buying a home, it’s all the more important that you hire a trustworthy real estate agent to help you secure the perfect deal on the house of your dreams. Check out the amazing realtors on our preferred partner page!

Realtors handle the paperwork and negotiation, so you won’t have to. And since they have the right experience and knowledge pertaining to these matters, you can count on them to get you the best offer.

Schedule Movers

When you’re moving, you’ll naturally need to hire a moving company to help carry all your stuff from your old place to your new home. And unless you have very little to move (which is highly unlikely), you will need help.

Of course, you can get friends to pitch in, but we recommend hiring a professional moving company if you can afford it. Still, you can employ labor-only movers to cut down on the cost. Check out the preferred moving partners that we’ve personally vetted to get started.

Dispose of the Things You Don't Need & Store Those You Do

We don’t usually realize how much useless stuff we’ve been holding on to, but when you’re moving out, you’ll want to get rid of this stuff. We suggest donating, selling, on consigning these items because you don’t want to litter your new house. Besides, it will only cost you more to move extra stuff around. You can also consider putting a garage sale on all the items you don’t need if you have time.

Once you’ve identified everything you want to keep, you’ll need to decide what will be coming with you to your new place and what items will need to be stored for future use. Many people find the extra space and convenience of a 5×5 space about perfect!

Pack Up

Packing your belongings will take a lot of bubble cushioning wrap, foam peanuts, boxes, and other packaging material. You can get a fairly good estimate of how much you’ll need from online sites like Packing Calculator.

Amazing Spaces offers a full line of moving supplies to simplify packing and moving your belongings.

In addition to boxes and packing materials, consider purchasing moving labels to simplify organizing your boxes.  Also, keep non-essential things in separate boxes, while essential items that you’ll need on the regular should be kept within your sight.

You don’t want to lose or break anything important on moving day. Pack smartly so you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary problems.

Set-up Utilities

In the chaos of moving, one thing that is easy to forget is setting up your utilities. Make sure to set up your utilities and cable immediately unless you plan on living without water or electricity. Of course, you can get cable installed later on, but your utilities should be in order at least a day or two before the moving day.

If you don’t have the credit necessary to set up your utilities on your own, ask your parents or a roommate for help.

Change Your Address

Changing your address is also important because you don’t want your parents to keep receiving your mail. You can simply go to USPS to change your address, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. In fact, you should also consider informing friends and family of your new address, so they don’t bother your parents about it.

Now that you know how to move out of your parent’s house, you should have no major problems moving out and re-adjusting. In fact, here are a few additional tips for moving out of your parent’s house, so you don’t have to make any mistakes.

  • Set a date and stick to it. Don’t procrastinate.
  • Get your finances under control. Make it a point to save up regularly.
  • Make sure you have a steady income source because those bills will not pay themselves!
  • Practice budgeting before moving out.
  • Find a roommate to help with the rent.
  • Hire a moving company because they really do know what they’re doing.
  • Furnish your place appropriately.
  • Decorate your space to make it homely.

Celebrate Your New Independence

You did it – you moved out! Celebrate because you earned it!

Moving out of your parent’s house is a tricky process because it involves many emotional and financial aspects. It will take some time to adjust well to your new home, but you can do it.

Just make sure you and your parents are ready and that you have the financial capacity to support yourself, and you’ll be good to go!

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