The Amazing Benefits Of Moving For Seniors


moves for seniors

While 90% of seniors may wish to stay in their own home as they get older, many choose to move or downsize to a more manageable sized property that’s more suited to their needs. Moving to a smaller, more manageable property can have huge benefits as you get older. Perhaps you’re dealing with limited mobility, need to release money to pay for care, or simply would like to be closer to family and friends.

More comfortable retirement

Moving may feel daunting, but it can also give you a much more comfortable retirement. If you’re downsizing your property, you will inevitably have less to do around the house, and you can find yourself much better off financially. With cheaper rent on a smaller home, or money saved from selling your larger house and downsizing, you can pay off your mortgage sooner or just have some extra cash available to help you enjoy your retirement.

Sort and declutter

You may find that sorting through possessions and decluttering is the most difficult part of the whole moving process. However, you will need to think practically about what you want to take with you. Will your furniture fit in your new home? Do you have items that are worn down or you haven’t used for some time? Clearing out unneeded items before you move also means you won’t be wasting money on moving items that you’re unlikely to use in the future.

moves for seniorsHave a layout of the new place

Before you move, make sure you know how much space there is in your new home. A floor plan of your new accommodation, including where the doors, windows and other features are in each room, will make it much easier to sort through which possessions you can realistically keep given the space available in your new place. You may wish to keep some important items in storage if your new home doesn’t have enough space for everything. 

Everyone’s moving!

According to the US census, around one in nine people in the US moves each year and it can be a stressful experience at any age. If you have lived in your home for a number of years, you may have even raised your family there, so letting go of the home you have known for so long can be an enormous upheaval. But your home is just a building, you can take the memories with you wherever you go.

Changing homes can be an unsettling and emotional experience for anyone, even when you know it’s the very best decision. Try to keep focused on the positives of moving. Enjoy this fresh new chapter in your life and all the new memories you’ll have in your beautiful new home. 

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