How to Find an Amazing Mover to Help with Your Next Move


For people who need to up and move, finding the best moving companies in Houston is critical. Your possessions are important to you. In some cases, they help facilitate your business. In other cases, those possessions have been with you for quite a long time. You might be moving a valuable desktop computer or an heirloom piece of furniture that is priceless. When it comes time to move your stuff from a safe storage facility to your next home, the best moving companies in Houston have you covered. What sets a moving company apart and allows it to be identified as one of the best? Here are our suggestions on what you should look for when searching for a mover. These are the elements we look at when selecting our moving partners for you.

The ability to show up on time

If you’re like most people, then you’re incredibly busy. You have a career that takes up your days, community responsibilities, and a family that takes top priority. You don’t have time to wait for a moving company to show up a few hours after its promised arrival. The best moving companies in Houston provide you with an exact time they’re going to show up. They then come to your door right on time, ready to move you, without any logistical issues. There is no reason why a moving company should behave like a cable company. The best in the business show up when they say they’re going to show up.

A team that doesn’t need your help

Few things are more frustrating than when you hire a company to do a job only to have them seek your help in finishing the job. If you’re going to shell out money for one of the best moving companies in Houston, you need to make sure that the company understands that it has a duty to handle the job without forcing you to work up a sweat. If you want to get in there and help, that’s up to you. The best companies will bring enough workers and enough equipment to make the job easy on you. They should have a manager assigned to your move. Their representative will visit your home before moving day and calculate everything that will be needed for the job, including the right amount of movers. You should only have to open the door and let those employees in to handle the job.

Ample equipment to protect your possessions

What separates the best in the business from those who are just pretenders? The best moving companies in Houston come with equipment that can handle your job. One of the most prevalent reasons for damage to your possessions is when a company does not have any equipment to handle your bigger items. If you have a heavy piece of furniture, the proper-sized dolly will be critical to finishing the job. Beyond that, the company should have the right truck. Good moving companies have moving trucks big Moving Companies Houstonenough so that you won’t have to stuff your things in. There will be ample room for your possessions to be protected in the back.

While most homeowners don’t think about it, a major part of the process is protecting your things from bumping up against each other or against the truck. The best moving companies in Houston bring supplies like boxes, bubble cushion wrap, and blankets to protect your bigger items. If you’re going to move your things out of a storage space in Houston where they have been absolutely protected, you should only do it with a moving company that is willing to offer these things. For the premium you’ll pay, this is the type of service you deserve.

Professionalism is a must

The top movers in Houston will always utilize professionalism not only with your things but also in your home or apartment. One of the unique things about hiring movers is that they’re going to have some access to your most intimate spaces. If you’re going to invite people into your home, into your bedroom, and into your life, you should be sure those people are acting according to the highest industry standards. Amateur moving companies may leave you with worries, or worse, with a big mess to clean up when they leave. The best moving companies employ people who know how to do their job without creating a home that you have to clean. You have enough to worry about when it comes time to move. Adding unprofessional movers will make your life more difficult than it needs to be.

The time to do the job right

Some moving companies will try to handle too many jobs in a single day. They need their movers to handle two or three cross-town moves in one afternoon. When this happens, the results are predictable. The movers will inevitably attempt to do the job more quickly than is possible. They may be harsh with your possessions and drive dangerously, too. If you’re going to pay to move your things, the moving company should at least offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are the number one priority of the company for that time period.

Reviews online – with a grain of salt

Your stuff is always the safest in a nice, climate-controlled storage space. There are times, though, when you need to move across town or even to a new city entirely. When that time comes, having the best movers can make a major difference. Houston has many moving companies that do an excellent job of taking care of their clients. Finding one of these top companies should be a Moving Companies Houstonpriority if you want your possessions to be protected and if you value professionalism.

For moving companies in Houston check the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm they are properly licensed in Texas and for National movers look up their information with the U.S. Department of Transportation. When looking for movers also look at online reviews but always take them with a grain of salt. Fake reviews can be a problem, especially for the smaller moving companies. Google does a good job of sorting reviews by the ones that are the most helpful. If you see a harsh review that seems out of place keep in mind it might be a competitor using dirty tactics. It’s also important to look at the overall score of their reviews as opposed to how many reviews they have. The companies with a score of 4.5 or better are usually better than the companies with many more reviews but are at 4.0 or lower.

Consider a labor move

Some moving companies offer services that will pack your car for you before you drive to your new destination. This can be a fantastic option if you’re moving long distance but you don’t necessarily need a large moving truck. This option is something most people are not aware of but can be a huge help for certain people. If this is something that would benefit you inquire with your moving company to see if it’s an option.

4 Steps to Finding a Moving Company In Houston

  1. First, you need to know if you’re doing a local, national, or international move.
  2. Start searching for a mover about 3 months before you make a move.
  3. Do your homework when selecting a mover – take note of the items listed above.  Our moving partners have already been screened for the above criteria.
  4. We recommend calling 3-5 movers for quotes and availability.

 Our recommendations

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    It makes sense that you should hire one that acts professionally. My sister was at my house yesterday afternoon for lunch, and she talked to me about how she and her husband decided that they want to hire a professional moving service since they are moving next month. I’ll pass this information along to them so they can know how to find a good moving company.


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