Should You Hire a Moving Coordinator?

Moving ranks in the top 5 of most stressful life events. Managing a move while working a full-time job and attending to your family’s needs is overwhelming and extremely tiresome. For those of us who do not have the time to manage our own move, a moving coordinator may be the answer you never knew you needed! When most of us think about moving coordinators, we think about the person who helps a business manage moves for their employees, but today’s independent moving coordinators are so much more. Moving coordinators can do everything – from basic, but helpful tasks on your behalf, all the way through planning your entire move, to the point where you just walk in your new home and everything is unpacked and ready to go (#TurnkeyMove)! In this blog article, we’ll outline the pros and cons of hiring a moving contractor and hopefully help you decide if adding a moving coordinator to your next move is right for you!

What exactly does a moving coordinator do?

moving coordinator
The basic responsibility of a moving coordinator is to help their clients move from point A to point B. A moving coordinator does a variety of different tasks, but their most essential function is to assist you throughout your moving process to ensure it is as seamless as possible. There are different levels of support a moving coordinator can provide; their support can be as basic as hiring and coordinating the moving staff for your belongings to unpacking your entire home on your behalf and setting everything up to your unique preferences (again — #turnkeymove). For international moves, moving coordinators can advise you of any necessary documentation that needs to be completed prior to your move and help clarify any necessary steps that need to be taken.

Moving Coordinator Perk #1: Day of the Move Freedom

moving coordinator
Think of a moving / relocation coordinator as a wedding planner; they are responsible for taking care of all the details. Similar to a wedding, on the big day, you need someone to coordinate, manage, and oversee everything. A moving coordinator takes the responsibility of coordinating all your vendors, packing plan, and more, to the point where you won’t even need to be at your house on moving day.  Instead, you can take some well-deserved time for yourself and let the moving coordinator handle the rest.

Moving Coordinator Perk #2: Get the inside scoop with better deals and higher quality service

moving coordinator
Again, similar to a wedding planner, your moving coordinator knows the industry in and out. They know who to ask for help on pretty much any task you need for your move: realtor – check, movers – check, decluttering – check, home staging – check! The list can go on and on. The only thing you need to do is pick your coordinator and let them to the rest. They’ll even be able to outline all your moving expenses for you so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Even better? Your relocation coordinator may be able to snag you some inside deals thanks to partnerships with various service providers. You may end up actually saving some money on some moving services you need by using one!

Moving Coordinator Perk #3: Get help FINALLY decluttering your home

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A lot of moving coordinators offer services beyond scheduling the movers and home stagers. Many offer helpful services to prepare for the sale of your home, such as sorting through clutter to ensure you only move what you really want to move. One of the best (and worst) things about moving is that you re-discover items that you completely forgot about.

Moving Coordinator Perk #4: Streamline your move

moving coordinator
Working with a moving coordinator vastly simplifies who to call when something needs to happen with your move. You’ll be down to a single point of contact to turn to for any issues or changes related to your move. Additionally, because they’re experts in this industry, they will know who to hire for everything that may pop up during your move. Need someone to inspect your house – done, need someone to disassemble your trampoline – easy. You won’t have to figure out who to call when something goes awry – just call your coordinator.

Moving Coordinator Perk #5: Having a support system throughout your move

moving coordinator
Something happened with a piece of furniture during your move? Call your relocation coordinator and they will champion you. Your moving coordinator will be your personal advocate and will help you tackle any issues that may pop up during a move (and let’s face it, things do tend to pop up). They are your champion and will be there to support you with whatever will inevitably pop up during your move.

Disadvantages of hiring a moving coordinator

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When you hire a moving coordinator, you get all the above benefits and, above all, a less stressful move. So, is there a situation in which you wouldn’t want to hire a relocation coordinator? If you’re on a tight budget, a moving coordinator will probably not be the best solution for you. Like most services, there is a cost associated with the benefits tied to a moving coordinator. Otherwise, much like the day of your wedding, having a coordinator there to support and guide you throughout the planning process is not only essential, but a true lifesaver!

What do you think? Are you going to hire a coordinator for your next move? We can help! Check out our list of amazing service partners.

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