Surviving Moving Gone Wrong – What Now Do You Do Now?!

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What do you do when you’re moving, and it seems like everything that could go wrong, does go wrong? Here are four tips to get your move back on track so you are ready to address whatever can go wrong during a move with poise and grace.

Home Moving Gone Wrong!

Moving Gone Wrong

One of the most common moving gone wrong scenarios we hear about is when movers do not show up on time or even at all to move your house. Imagine this: your house is packed up, your flights are booked, your storage unit rented, and your on your way to making your move – you just need your movers to arrive and start packing. Time starts to trickle by and you realize the mover is nowhere to be found.  One of our best suggestions for avoiding this moving gone wrong disaster is to hire only active licensed movers. At Amazing Spaces, we research, meet, and vet all of our preferred moving partners.

Another way to avoid any kind of negative moving experience is to use the appropriate packing materials for the item you wish to pack. For example, be sure to pack your television in a TV moving box, your dishes using a protective dish packing kit, and use shrink wrap to secure and keep everything together. What else can you do when moving your home goes wrong? Hopefully you have moving insurance!

That is something we forget when writing our to-do lists before a move. You may want to check if the movers you hire have insurance or some form of liability protection before you hire them to keep you and your valuables safe. It never hurts to make sure you, or your hired movers, have insurance to protect you and your valuables from accidents. Be sure to report any issues or damage as soon as you notice it!

Moving Trucks Gone Wrong!

Moving Gone Wrong

What happens when something with your moving truck goes wrong? If you are renting a vehicle from a major renter, many of them have a hotline you can call to request roadside help. Be sure to write that number down before you start your trip, just in case! You should also pay attention to mile markers or to exit signs just in case you need to direct service vehicles to your location.

Just make sure you this service is included in your rental, otherwise it may be a surprise cost! If you hired movers and something happens to their truck while they are driving your valuables to your new home, make sure they call and report it to you as soon as possible so you are not left wondering what might have happened.

Moving Furniture Gone Wrong!

Moving Gone Wrong

What happens when moving your furniture goes wrong? First things first – be sure you properly pack all your valuables before you load them into your vehicle. By not overpacking and using blankets or other soft materials to protect your furniture, you will be less likely to have an accident.

This is another reason to get moving insurance or to hire a moving professional that carries liability insurance if something breaks or is damaged. Some movers will subcontract the actual packing and shipment of your valuables, so if this is not something you’re comfortable with, be sure to ask about your options in advance. Also, remember to speak up as soon as you realize something’s wrong! A good mover will make note of any damage reports, so be sure you get a copy of that before you pay your final bill.

Moving Worst Case Scenario!

Moving Gone Wrong

What happens when the worst-case scenario becomes your reality? Remember to breathe! Staying calm, as hard as it might be, is going to help you the most in a crisis. If you can, try to take photos of the damage or the issue. That will make it easier to fill a report. You’ll also want to be sure you keep the contact information for your movers, your insurance company, and any other services you hired to help you move.

You’ll want to get in touch with them as soon as you realize something is wrong and make sure you understand how whatever went wrong will be reflected in your final bill.


Moving Gone Wrong

Sometimes, things that can go wrong during a move do go wrong. But it is important to remember that at the end of the day, a move usually means a fresh start in a new place. It is a chance to make new memories and start new traditions.

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