Moving Out During a Pandemic? No Problem!

It may feel a bit overwhelming to try to pack up all of your belongings and move into a completely new space during a global crisis. We recognize that you already have enough on your plate right now, so we’ve compiled a step-by-step list for everything you need to take care of when you move out! Health and safety should be your top priority right now, and this list will make the burden of moving out feel like an afterthought!


  1. What stays and what goes—Your first instinct when you know you need to move out may be to pack up every single thing you own into boxes and get the packing done right away. However, prioritizing the next step will save you a lot of time and energy when you start moving. One of the best things you can do when you know you need to start packing is go room by room in your home and decide what items are truly worth taking with you on your new adventure, and what items you feel you can leave behind. Sorting through everything in each room and creating piles of what possessions you want to have in your new place and what possessions you never really use or don’t feel attached to will help you envision how you want to organize and decorate your new place! Saving memories is very important, however, it’s also important to minimize the sentimental pieces from your old space in order to make room for new possessions and new memories. This may take a few days so allow yourself some time to reflect and collect what you need to bring with you.
  2. Packing with a purpose—After you’ve decided what you need and don’t need in your new place, it’s time to pack! Cardboard moving boxes are the natural choice, but if you’re planning on needing more storage in your new place it may be a good idea to purchase durable plastic containers too! Not sure where to store those containers? We can help! We have storage solutions to fit your exact needs. We also have the essentials to keep your possessions safe— whether it’s bubble cushion wrap or packing peanuts, we’ve got you covered! Don’t forget some Magic Sliders for your heavier furniture too! An efficient tip for packing up all of your clothes is to keep them ON their hangers and pile them horizontally into moving boxes. This will save you so much time from taking each item off of each hanger one by one and putting them back onto their hangers when you get to the new place. If you’re moving long-distance and the volume of your clothes is going to be an issue, our best suggestion is to get vacuum sealed storage bags. Even if space isn’t an issue, these bags will surely help you organize your loose clothing and provide more space for other possessions you want to keep with you.
  3. Move myself or hire movers? Once you actually see the number of belongings you want to move it’s time to decide how you’ll move everything. Using a pick-up truck or asking a friend for help can work for smaller items, but for larger items, it’s a good idea to call ahead of time and schedule a moving company to assist you. Check out our full list of recommended movers on our website! Professional movers allow you to focus on packing while they handle all of the heavy lifting and space you need to transport your belongings! It’s often worth the investment for your own mental sanity during an especially stressful time! Remember to wear a mask around other people helping you move and/or the professional movers for both their safety and yours.
  4. Clean and sanitize— After everything is finally moved out of your existing space, the next step is to clean and sanitize! Ensuring all of the surfaces are cleaned (especially during a global pandemic) is respectful and will certainly be appreciated by the new tenants. Check out this extensive article from the CDC all about how to clean your household surfaces to ensure you’re killing any coronavirus germs! Tidying up the floors, scrubbing door handles, and dusting off cupboards are just a few of the ways you can help others feel safe about moving into your old living space.

We hope this helped guide you as you pack up for your new adventure! We’re here to help and want your experience to be nothing less than amazing! Give us a call today(281) 378-4343, we’d love to assist you with the moving process!

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