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Everyone struggles to find ways to pack their valuable items, but for book lovers, this struggle of how to safely pack books is especially challenging. We love our books and want to protect them, but they can be incredibly heavy and often bulky. If the thought of carrying a box full of books makes your back ache, and you have no idea where to start, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring a company to help, you want to ensure your books are safe and arrive at your new home in pristine condition, ready to shine on their new shelves. We’ll give you a few tips on how to safely and securely pack your books so you have peace of mind knowing they will arrive in the same condition as you left them, giving you years of enjoyment on every page.


Filter Through Your Collection

Ok, hear me out; do you really and truly need every book you own? I know the immediate answer is yes, but chances are, if you took a step back, you’d realize there are a few you can pass on to a new home. Before you pack books, the first step is to go through your collection one by one (we know it could take a while) and see what books you’ll read again and which ones you’ll realistically never reach for.

Make three piles, keep, donate, and maybe, and give yourself five seconds with each book to make your decision. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy, but the process will become easier as you go. Once you’ve decided which books to give away, you have a few choices for how you’d like to pass them on to others.

  • Donate – You can donate them to a thrift store with a cause you want to support to help them raise money.
  • Sell – Have a yard or garage sale to make some extra money to help cover the cost of the move. There are a ton of places you can check out online to help you resell your books!
  • Throw A Book Swap Party – Invite your friends to a book swap party; just don’t leave with more books than you started with!

Use Smaller Boxes to Pack Books

Small moving boxes are an ideal way to save your back when moving books. They allow you to keep the weight manageable and are easier and safer to handle. The Amazing Spaces small boxes feature handles, which make carrying them even easier. Better yet, all Amazing Spaces boxes are made with new fibers, ensuring they hold up against the heaviest items.

Secure Book Boxes Thoroughly

We can’t stress enough how important it is to secure your boxes thoroughly on the top and bottom. Use strong tape that adheres firmly, and don’t skimp out on using multiple layers.

The best packing tape for securing your book boxes, or any boxes for that matter, is our Hand Tearable Packing Tape. Easily one of the strongest tapes on the market, yet it is easy to tear and apply.

Categorize By Weight

Before placing your books in moving boxes, separate them into piles by weight. You want to quickly identify the largest, medium, and smallest books so you can quickly stack them inside each box correctly. You can also separate them by hardback and softback, but this isn’t necessary.

You want to pack each box with the largest books on the bottom, followed by medium, and ending with the smallest on top. When choosing how to stack them, there are three ways to make the most out of the available space and protect your books in the process.

  •  Flat On Their Back – Placing your books flat on their backs is excellent for stacking and helps ensure they don’t move or fall during transit.
  •  Standing Upwards – Placing your books inside the moving box the same way they stand on the shelf is another option. Placing them like this protects their spines from damage, which is ideal for older or delicate editions.
  •  Spine Downward – Placing the spine on the bottom of the box is another way to protect it during your move but may make unpacking more challenging.

You can mix and match stacking techniques to ensure a snug and secure fit that keeps your books safe and minimizes shifting as the box is moved.

Beware of Gaps When Packing Books

Gaps inside your boxes can spell disaster for your books. It allows them to move and fall and creates pockets that can sink or crash in when stacked upon.

An easy and efficient way to solve the gap issue is to use packing paper to fill the gaps and protect your books. You can also use other items in your home that you need to pack. Place clothing, socks, towels, or any soft item between your books, to solve two problems at once!

Use Suitcases to Pack Books

Suitcases (especially those on rollers) are ideal for moving your books, especially the heaviest ones (think textbooks). They allow you to move your books without straining your back or worrying about lifting heavy boxes, and you probably already have a few lying around your house already.

If you prefer to use suitcases, check out your local thrift stores and see what they have in stock. You can often find amazing options for rock bottom prices (my thrift store has large rolling suitcases for $8!), which may end up being cheaper than buying boxes for your books. Just make sure you stack each book similarly to the moving box to protect against any damage.

If You Plan to Store Your Books in a Storage Unit

If you plan keep your books in storage for any amount of time, ensure you choose a climate-controlled space, preferably one that regulates humidity levels and has climate controlling ventilation into the space.


Ready to Pack Books?

Knowing how to pack books for moving is challenging, but with a few tips, you can move them like a pro! Don’t risk your back or cause damage to your books. With these amazing book moving tips, you can rest assured your books will arrive safely to your new home so you can enjoy them for years to come!

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    Great tips! I really loved reading this blog! Very useful and eye-opening tips. Thanks for writing this down and sharing it! I am gonna write these tips down and use them when the time comes. Thanks!

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    Organize by size and weight: Group books of similar size and weight to prevent damage during transit as well


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