How to Pack China Dishes

how to pack china

It’s the item(s) you wait to pack until last because it’s the most daunting. Yes, we’re referencing the dreaded chinaware! In an effort to make your packing experience easy, quick and efficient, we’ve come up with a step-by-step guide to properly packing your china. Let’s say—your job just got a whole lot easier!

Supplies you’ll need, that you can find at your nearest Amazing Spaces location:

Step 1: Sort your china into categories—Keep all the plates, bowls, cups, and stackable items sorted out together in separate piles.

Step 2: Plates— For fine china, wrap each plate individually but when packing everyday dishes, it’s okay to wrap and stack as you go. You can stack up to 3-4 in a bundle.  Start by placing a piece of packing paper flat on a table, then place the plate/dish in one of the corners of the paper. Begin rolling the plate in the paper diagonally, and tuck in the edges as you go. Wrap the final bundle in additional packing paper and/or bubble or foam wrap. Place cushioning material in the bottom of your dish box and then utilize your dish packing kit to ensure your items are safe for transport.

Step 3: Bowls—Place a sheet of packing paper or bubble cushion wrap on a flat surface. Crumple one or more pieces of packing paper and place them inside of the bowl. Hold the packing paper inside the bowl with your hand and turn the bowl face down. Place the bowl in the middle of the packing paper or bubble cushion wrap. Fold the corners of the packing paper or bubble cushion wrap inward to cover the bowl. Secure the corners together with tape. Place a single layer of bowls in the bottom of the box, then, layer with packing peanuts or crinkled paper, repeat and fill the top of the box with additional packing paper or peanuts.

Step 4: Cups/glasses—Be sure to utilize the glassware packing kit tools, but, for added protection fill the inside of the cups/glasses with crumpled packing paper, then, wrap in additional paper or bubble cushion wrap. Place in the designated slot in the box. Avoid stacking glassware, instead, separate with cardboard or bubble cushion wrap.

Utilizing items from your home to wrap fragile items also works in most cases. For instance, using your kitchen towels as a buffer in between items will allow you to pack them together with other kitchen items and protect your breakables. Even just placing items with padding (ie: pot holders, oven mitts, dish cloths) on top of your breakables fills remaining space so the items don’t jostle around. Call us today for assistance with all your packing supplies, we’re happy to help, 281-378-4343!

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