How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

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When people are moving homes, it’s easy to forget about the floors.

They’re staying put, after all, whether you’re moving in or moving out. The problem, however, is that floors are very easy to damage during the moving process. Hardwood floors and carpets are especially susceptible to damage from moving heavy furniture.

That’s why the actual moving process requires some thought. Whether you’re moving in alone or getting some extra help, you need to account for your biggest pieces of furniture and have a plan for getting them in and out without arming the flooring. The steps below should give you a headstart in planning for your move.

Hire a Mover

You can easily hire a mover to do most of the work for you. When you bring someone onboard to help with the move, you can have a nice talk with them about how they think you should manage the move. For the most part, you can have a chat with them about how they need to pad everything, any items they need to be careful with, and they will do the job much faster.

Use a Dolly

You can use a dolly to get most of your furniture and appliances out of the house with no trouble. By using the dolly, you roll everything out of the house instead of trying to drag it. Plus, this is a very good way for you to get the job done faster. You can handle much of the moving yourself if you have a dolly, and you have more control over things that you are pulling when you are on the dolly.

Pad the Furniture

You need to pad all the things that are going in and out of the house so that you are not having any issues with bumping into walls or scratching the floor. It is very easy for you to pad all the items in the house with a proper padding mat and some tape. You should pad all your furniture at the sharp corners or cover the feet because they could scuff the walls. Plus, you want to use padding for any mechanical pieces that stick out from the furniture.

Have Teams of People Helping

You can have a team of people outside who is helping once the items get close to the truck, and you can have a team of people inside the house who will move all your items from the rooms out the door. You can reverse this process when you are moving into a house, and it will be very simple for you to set up these teams, take short breaks, and get the job done much faster because you have so much help.

Decide what to Keep and What to Throw Out

When you live in a house for a while, you acquire furniture that fits the style of that house, but may not be ideal in your new one. Furniture can be a hassle to carry and if it won’t match with the new décor of your home, decide to toss it out early on, rather than drag it to the new place unnecessarily. Taking pictures and mentally picturing your pieces in the new home can help you decide what to take with you and what to leave behind, making the moving process far easier.

Take Your Time

You need to be careful when moving because most people want to do these jobs as fast as they can instead of actually taking their time to handle each piece of furniture or appliance properly. Plus, you need to remember that you can take breaks and work with the team to have different jobs done at the same time. You do not need to have the whole team focus on just one piece of furniture if one or two people can move it on their own.

You need to plan ahead for your move so that you are not wasting time or trying to do the move too fast. A lot of people have problems with their move because they do not realize that they are doing the job too fast or that they are having issues with scuffing the walls as they move. You need to pad everything, get a dolly, and even hire a professional mover. If you have friends come over to help, you must ask them to make teams that can handle most of the work quickly. You can protect your floors, and the move gets done quickly.

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