Most Common Reasons People Move

Why do people move?

Are you considering an upcoming move? Chances are, you probably fall into one of a few categories of popular reasons why people move. The most common reasons include: becoming a first-time homeowner, job changes, seeking a fresh start, upgrading and aging/downsizing.  Let’s take a peak into each of these and the motivation behind them.

First-time Homeowner—It’s the American dream, right? For years people save for the down payment on their first ever home. That’s the most common reason why individuals move out of their apartment and into a home. In fact, 7.3% of people choose to move in order to own their home instead of rent, but, this decision is often based on generational preferences. For instance, Millennials are marrying and starting their families later in life, so, their eagerness to own a home right away is not as it was for the baby boomers. As a result, a high percentage of people are opting to continue renting and live in a trendy part of the city or even make the transition to a townhome before purchasing a home in the suburbs.

Job Changes—Whether it be relocation to a new neighborhood, state, country, or trying to cut down on the long commute, many individuals opt for a home closer to their work. However, the percentage of people moving for a new job, is at an all time low. Researchers blame the decrease on the lack of moving incentives offered by companies, and the ability that technology provides to practically work remotely from anywhere.

Seeking a fresh start—Many individuals today are often moving in search of a new perspective, change, and healthier environment. Whether someone just got out of a relationship and needs to start fresh, a family wants to spend more time outdoors with their children near parks and wildlife, or a new graduate chooses to move to a big city to experience life in the fast lane, there’s a common denominator of change, that’s often the motivator behind the decision. That being said, statistics show that on average, people don’t travel too far from the familiar, 62% of movers remained in the same county after moving, while only 34% of movers relocated to a different county.

Upgrading—In a recent study it was discovered that 16% of Americans move in search of a new or better home, landing the number 1 spot, out of 12 for most popular reasons people re-locate. Often, as families grow, so does job status and pay increases. The concept of a “starter home” right out of college is still a very popular choice, leading homeowners to explore bigger and better upgrades for their families as the years go by. This is a new trend in the Millennial generation, who are choosing to move their children and families multiple times throughout their lifetime, rather than having one, childhood home that they continue to grow into.  Another cause for motivation, is seeking better school districts. The number of reputable school districts is rapidly decreasing, that’s why homeowners are doing their homework to determine what school district is the best option for their family—they then work backwards, to find a home within that district.

Aging/downsizing—Another popular reason to move, is aging and the obligation to downsize for safety and practicality. While it’s not always the most popular or preferred choice with elderly homeowners, downsizing lends itself to helping ensure the safety of loved ones. Many elderly folks choose to sell their large home and move into either a retirement community or apartment. Check out our blog post on: 5 Steps to Take When Downsizing a Home.


There is one common and often daunting problem associated with each of these reasons to move, and that’s what to do with all of the accumulated items in your existing space! The good news is that we can help by providing an amazing customer experience for all of your self-storage needs. Call us today to discuss what option is best for you: 281-378-4343. You deserve to have an amazing transition, no matter what your move motivation may be!

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