How to Make Your Relocation Process a Snap – Easy Relocation Tips

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Do you have a new and exciting job opportunity somewhere completely outside of your comfort zone and need guidance on where to start with the relocation process? Relocating for a better position or starting at a new organization altogether can be an intimidating process but there are many ways you can overcome it efficiently with ease.

You’ve most likely become so accustomed to your way of life now that the mentality of starting over in a new city will likely be challenging at first. However, it’s important to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you will learn from this experience. Because moving for a job can be quite challenging, we put together our top tips on how to smoothly relocate!

Relocation Assistance – ask for it!

Relocation assistance occurs when a company assists new hires or current employees with relocation costs. If you’re staying with your current company, but, moving to another office out of state—then inquire with your current employer, however, if you’re switching jobs and companies completely, then, ask your new employer about relocation packages and be sure to negotiate. Different companies offer different levels of support. Doing your research before meeting with the employer will certainly benefit you. Find out moving costs, transportation expenses, storage, and temporary housing—just to name a few of the more common relocation expenses.

Employers will generally offer suggestions for their preferred relocation companies and real estate agents. You could potentially be reimbursed for your relocation and moving expenses based on your employer’s policies. Some companies will even pay for things like transportation of your cars, house hunting trips to and from your new location, as well as helping with the logistics as you settle into your new place. It’s certainly worth the ask!

Explore before you go

If you’re allowing yourself some time to make a proper move, spend a weekend in the city you’re moving to and explore all that it has to offer! It’s difficult to completely jump into a new way of life without having a few spots in mind that you’re looking forward to.

Relocation may also require a new mode of transportation or commute to work, so seeing how long it takes to get around the city will be useful. This is also the time to pick out your favorite neighborhoods and see (first-hand) which areas you like and dislike! Tour multiple housing options and be sure to check out the local spots around those that you’d frequent such as coffee shops and grocery stores. Be sure to take note of the cost of living in the available areas. In Houston, the River Oaks neighborhood has a vastly different cost of living compared to some of the neighborhoods in outside the city.

Start a new network

Starting a new network both personally and professionally can be challenging, however, the sooner you start, the better! Find out who you’ll be working with in your new office and see if you can reach out to them on platforms like LinkedIn. Not only is it helpful to get to know them early on but they can also provide valuable insight into the city you’re moving to!

Starting completely fresh? Reach out to the local Chamber of Commerce or research professional networking groups around town. Take part in local mixers/gatherings whether it be more general like a chamber event or an organization more industry specific!

Another option for connecting with others in your new city is to look into Facebook groups in the area. There’s a lot of Facebook groups associated with specific towns/areas of cities and folks chime in on those groups, daily! Make a post letting people know you’re moving there and ask for any suggestions you’re curious about!

Plan and stay organized

There are many logistics to deal with in the relocation process from shipping all of your valuables long-distance to selling your home. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in your task list so it’s important to stay on top of all your objectives without forgetting any important steps. Utilize tools that are already available to you, such as a moving checklist and take it one step at a time!

Additionally, planning your big move after gaining the proper advice and determining what assistances you will be receiving, will give you a better idea into the kind of budget you’ll be working with as well as the timeline.

Relocating for a job opportunity, doesn’t have to be stressful and proper preparation is key! Need help with storage during and after the move? Want to price out the expense of moving supplies? We can help!

Reach out to any of our A-team members (281-378-4343), we are happy to assist in making the process as amazing as possible!

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    September 22, 2022 at 10:40 pm

    I agree that relocating can require finding a new form of transportation or a longer commute, so figuring out how long it takes to go about the city will be helpful. My kid must enroll in college in the new location, so I am relocating there. Since this is my first move, I will receive assistance from the house relocators.


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