Create Ways to Re-Use Leftover Moving Boxes

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Now that you’ve found an amazing space to call home, there’s one more mountain for you to climb. That’s right, it’s the mountain of empty moving boxes sitting in your hallway.

Here are 5 great things to do with Mt. Cardboard.

1. How Your “Trash” Becomes Treasure—Grab some paint to add a splash of color and turn this box that used to hold your precious kitchen china into a pirate ship, castle, or maze for the cute kid in your life!

2. Protect Your Floors—No need to buy pounds of tarp or spend forever laying out individual newspapers. Flatten out your cardboard boxes and lay them on the floor to protect them from stain prone liquids when you paint your space.

3. DIY Recycling Bin—60% of items we use every day are recyclable, so use that cardboard box as a reinvented recycling bin to store in the kitchen or garage. Add paint and a recycling symbol for a finishing touch!

4. Donate Local—Want to become more involved in the community that your amazing space is in? Donate your leftover moving boxes to local food banks, libraries, nonprofit, or churches. This might take some calls, but who doesn’t feel amazing after donating?

5. Pesticide-free weed killer that’s safe for your family and pets—Avoid harmful chemicals in weed killers and instead, flatten your leftover moving boxes and place them over an area of weeds in your lawn or garden. Then, cover them with mulch. Due to generated heat and blocked sunlight, after a week or so the weeds are dead.

6. Allow Give Back Box® to Give Those Boxes A Second Life—The Give Back Box® wants to provide an effortless and convenient method of donating your used household items. Their motto is “No Box Left Behind”. Plus, you get a tax deduction. Music to our ears!  Visit https://givebackbox.com/works on how it works.

Choosing to reuse your moving boxes not only puts them to good use, but, it can also help you stay more organized and efficient in the long-run! Happy box saving!

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