Moving Out of State Checklist

Make your move to a new state AMAZING:

It’s likely happened to you or someone you know, the move to another state is often times inevitable. Perhaps it’s out of choice or obligation, but, either way, there’s a lot of little details that go into the logistics of the move. Feeling like you’re not quite sure where to start? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this handy checklist!

  • Research professional, cross country moving companies—Be sure to interview multiple companies, read online reviews, get prior quotes, and know the facts about Valuation and Insurance.
  • Set a moving budget—Set yourself up for success with a moving budget where you can track anticipated costs and additional, unexpected costs as you go. In addition to a moving budget, it’s always a good idea to explore the cost of living in your new city/state and create a budget for current and future expenses.
  • Begin sorting your things—One of the greatest things about moving across state lines, is the healthy “purge” that naturally ensues. There’s many items you don’t need or want to take along with you, sort room by room and determine what’s staying and what’s going!
  • Determine the best storage options—Often times, along with a move comes the need for either short or long-term storage. Research storage locations in your new city/state and determine which will provide you with the best experience and keep your possessions good as new. If you’re moving to Texas, we’ve got you covered, visit our website to learn more and find a location near you: net
  • Find a place to live—This could mean hiring a realtor to either rent an apartment or purchase a home. It’s sometimes best to rent an apartment initially (month to month) until you determine where exactly within the new city you’d like to purchase a home. Purchasing a home? Check out our simple and easy 12 step home buying checklist!
  • Begin transferring medical records—Obtaining your medical records early on and selecting a new doctor for each of your family members is always beneficial. It’s best to be proactive in case of any emergencies once you arrive.
  • Register your children in their new school—If this applies to you, be sure to reach out to your child’s existing school and request a transfer of their records. You’ll also want to setup a meeting with the new school to discuss transferring them and getting them registered right away, to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Change your address—Changing your address and transferring mail, is very simple thanks to: gov
  • Register your car (and pet!)— Visit your local DMV and make sure your vehicles are registered in your new state, to avoid fines. Additionally, state’s often require you register your pet. Here’s 7 reasons why you should!
  • Get a new driver’s license—Guidelines and rules vary state-to-state, but, look into the window of time you have to change your license after moving. This will require a trip to your local DMV.
  • Begin packing—Remember, packing your entire home is a marathon, not a race. Start small and simple and tackle each space/room at a time. Here’s our helpful blog post on storage and packing tips!
  • Confirm movers and day-of services—It can never hurt to confirm everything the week before or a couple of days before the big move. Simply follow up regarding arrival time, payment required, and any other details you’ll need to handle ahead of time.
  • Be prepared for moving day—Moving day can be stressful, make sure you’re prepared with our guide on how to treat your movers!

Once you’re settled into your new state, city, and home you’ll look back and appreciate all the preparations you did beforehand! Wondering where to begin now that you’re settling into your new space? Check out this blog post on how to organize your life after moving! We hope you have an AMAZING experience!



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