Ultimate Moving Checklist

The most Amazing moving checklist you’ll ever need!

Preparing for a big move and settling into a new space is always an adjustment! However, you can overcome a lot of stress and chaos by planning for success! Staying organized and tackling each task one at a time, can make a world of difference. There’s a lot of moving checklist resources out there to choose from, and they can often be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve narrowed it down and created the most AMAZING moving check list that you’ll ever need!

8 weeks prior to the move:

The most important step is to get your ducks in a row so you’re not scrambling to get out of your home or apartment.  Find a mover you trust (the mover will make or break your move, believe me).  Book your mover well in advance.  Try to plan for the early morning, to help avoid the Houston heat.

  • Create a moving binder—Staying organized during the move may be difficult with so many moving parts. That being said, creating a specific binder for all things move related, can help to keep everything in one place. Estimates, to-do lists, new home dimensions, photos of your new space, new school enrollment forms, mail forwarding information, etc. can all be stored in one go-to place. Making specific tabs for each portion of the move can be helpful too!
  • Begin sorting and purging items—Determine early on, what items you’ll be keeping or donating. Evaluate if your new space has room for your current furniture and map-out exactly where you’ll put items on the new floor plan. Start by purging your closets and sorting through items you rarely use. Those will be most likely to end up in the give away pile. The less you keep, the less you have to worry about moving and paying for it as added weight. Now is the perfect time to take that first trip(of many!) to your local donation center.
  • Begin researching moving companies—Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring a company, there’s work to be done! Determine your source of transportation for a self-move and get at least three written quotes from different moving companies, if hiring someone. A great resource is the Better Business Bureau, here you can find businesses who have already been vetted and are recommended as a reliable business. Always be sure to ask prospective moving companies about their insurance coverage for the move. Additionally, check your homeowner’s policy to see what is covered.

6 weeks prior to the move:

  • Begin the change of address process—Not sure where to begin with this? No problem, we’ve got your covered! Refer to this ultimate checklist for changing your address.
  • Research storage options for your items— Whether it be permanent or temporary self-storage, we can help!
  • If you need a unit, just remember to look for VAST – individual Ventilation, Alarms on all units, Security cameras, and the latest Technology.  Without a VAST property, your items won’t be secure. Amazing Spaces has storage solutions to help maximize your home environment including climate controlled space, vehicle, boat & RV storage, and wine storage. Not to mention our amazing amenities and state-of-the-art security. Check out this blog post all about how to decide on the best size storage unit and call us today: 281-378-4343.
  • Transfer school and doctor records—Often times the toughest adjustment of a move can fall on the kiddos. Make it a smooth transition by preparing ahead and transferring school records, taking a tour of their new school district and meet their new teachers. Additionally, it’s helpful to find a new doctor and begin the process of transferring their records.
  • Get packing supplies— Having all the right supplies for efficient packing is half the battle! Here’s a link to all of the moving supplies available at all of our locations!
  •  If you need to, book hotels at least six weeks in advance (while moving is expensive, don’t skimp here, as you will need a place to relax and unwind).
  • If you’re moving out of state, plan a few fun activities to stop at along the way. Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy your journey to your new home!


1 month prior to the move:

  • Select and confirm your mover—Now is the time to make a decision regarding a moving truck or professional moving company. Torn between two that you like equally, ask for a list of references and hear what their existing customers have to say about their experience!
  • Time to pack—This is a great time to begin packing those household items that you don’t often use. The most efficient way to pack is having a systematic labeling process. There’s many different ways of doing it, but, here’s a neat resource that offers a FREE printable moving kit. Whether you choose to color code, keep inventory lists with corresponding numbers, or the good old fashioned “sticky note” tactic, you’ll be grateful you took the time to pack in an organized system!
  • Set aside valuable items—This deserves it’s own check box because it’s so important! Gather all of your valuable items such as jewelry and put those items into a safe place to transport yourself to your new home. Have large furniture or art work that’s also valuable and you can’t move yourself? Be sure to take photos of everything before the movers arrive so you have record of your possessions.

2 weeks prior to the move:

  • Ask off work—Asking off of work on moving day is often a detail that’s forgotten. Be sure your boss/company knows about your upcoming move and any days you’ll need off leading up to, day of, or following the move.
  • KEEP packing—Now is the time begin packing more household items. For instance, leave out the exact number of bath towels/sheets/blankets and pillows you’ll need for the next few weeks, and pack the rest! Tackling things in advance will keep you from scrambling last minute.
  • Confirm details—Confirm the details of the move with the moving company and any additional vendors you’ll be using on move day.
  • New homeowner welcome packet—Gather your appliance, homeowner warranties, recommendations and write a note for the new homeowners. This is a simple step that will make things so much easier for them (and you!) if they contact you with questions later.
  • Leave space for some “me time”. One of the things many people forget about a move is that you rarely have time for yourself, by yourself.  Treat yourself beforehand.
  • Digitize your move.  Compile your moving documents into a digital format. You’ll save a lot of headaches by being able to access items on your phone, rather than searching everywhere for papers.

1 week prior to the move:

  • Schedule utilities turn-off—Utilities should be turned off in your current home one day after your move-out date. All utilities in your new home should be turned on the day before you move in.
  • Properly dispose of flammable items— Flammable items cannot be transported! That’s why it’s important to properly dispose of these items before move day. Here’s a local location to drop off your hazardous waste.
  • Back-up your computer—Preparing for the transportation of all electronics is a smart decision. Back up your computer, and other electronics with sensitive information. This ensures you can retrieve things if anything is damaged or dropped during the move.



A few days prior and MOVING DAY:

  • Defrost the freezer—If your freezer is moving with you, you’ll need to defrost it at least 24 hours before the move.
  • Confirm details AGAIN—It can’t hurt to confirm moving details with all your contacts a few days before the move.
  • Have payment on hand—Determine payment expectations/requirements for the moving company, etc. Don’t forget about tipping the movers and treating them right. Check out this amazing guide to How to Treat your Movers.
  • Clean your house—Whether you hire a cleaning company or do it yourself, make your home ready for it’s new homeowners! Wash the floors, clean the bathrooms, and wipe down counters and the inside of the cabinets.
  • Take an inventory—Be sure to sign the bill of landing/inventory list provided by your mover, and keep a copy!

This is a lot of information, but, breaking it down by weeks should help you focus on each task at hand. We hope this ultimate, amazing moving list makes the process as smooth as possible for you!

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