The art of the move: how to unpack like an expert

Unpacking after moving tips

The moment when the moving truck drives away and you’re left sitting in an empty space filled only with completely full boxes can often feel like one of the most overwhelming parts of the move. For the organized type folks, where do I even begin may run through your mind. While those who tend to procrastinate may be mapping out just how long they can go without their essentials to avoid unpacking all together! Whichever scenario resonates with you, we have solutions for both! Here’s your ultimate guide to unpacking like an expert.

  1. Change your perspective—Instead of thinking of unpacking as a whole, think of it as a puzzle. Each piece is crucial for the end result, but, you have to take your time placing the pieces together; you can’t rush it. Start with the large pieces along the edges and then slowly add the smaller pieces as you get a better picture of the entire thing. Which leads us to our next point…
  2. Start with the large items first—Place your larger items such as beds, dressers, tables, couches in their desired spots. Getting those in place makes it easier to build your new home around them and also makes room to move around more effectively in the area you’re storing your things.
  3. Unpack the necessities—Ideally, before moving, it’s always best to pack a few bags with your daily essentials allowing for quick access to things like your toothbrush, pillow, phone charger, etc. Once you get moved in, you can get those items unpacked and slowly begin to place the boxes with other necessities in the appropriate rooms. Properly labeled boxes helps a lot with this, so, be sure to sort like items together and label boxes well to make it even easier to unpack in the long-run!
  4. Recruit your inner circle for help—Make unpacking FUN, by enlisting your close family and friends to help with your unpacking. You provide the pizza, wings, and beer and they provide the helping hands. Better yet, crank some good tunes and your mood and perspective will drastically change, allowing you to be more efficient!
  5. Utilize a storage space—As you’re unpacking you may realize you don’t have enough room for all of the items you have kept over the years. If you haven’t done a healthy “cleanse” of items you don’t need, before the move, now is the time to do it! Toss things you haven’t used in the last 6 months or year and choose to store the items you want to hold onto but don’t use every day! Don’t have the space for those items? We DO! Contact your local Amazing Spaces and we will discuss your needs and how we can best help you keep your items safe and sound in our beautiful facilities.

Whether it’s your first move or last, we hope these helpful tips ensure you an AMAZING unpacking experience that makes your overall move that much better!

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