The Best Retirement Communities in the USA

It is an impossible task to make a list of the best retirement communities for people 55 and older. First, there are thousands of retirement communities around the country. Second, they’re all different. Retirement communities come in all shapes and sizes, offering a diverse range of amenities and services. From run-of-the-mill type communities with pickleball and square dancing, to some weird niche communities. We are sure that with a bit of research, you’ll find the perfect retirement community for you!

Here is our attempt at a list of the best retirement communities in the USA. This list is by no means a fully comprehensive list of all the amazing communities out there, but it does include some of our favorites and will hopefully inspire you in your search for the best retirement communities!

The World’s Largest Retirement Community

Located north of Orlando, near the city of Ocala, the world’s largest retirement community started as a trailer park in the 1960s. The owners saw the potential for developing a retirement community, and the rest is history.

The Villages, Florida spans three counties (Sumter, Lake, and Marion Counties) and has 125,000 residents, 50 golf courses, and 2500 clubs and activities.

A community of this size also has dining, shopping, and healthcare services aplenty. They market themselves as “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown”, but we’re sure, in a retirement community that large, there are sure to be some grumpy people there too.

Still regardless of who you meet you’re sure to have fun in this amazingly large retirement community topping our list of best retirement communities.

The First 55+ Retirement Community in the USA

We’re not sure how it can be proven, but we found a bunch of references to Sun City Arizona being the first 55+ community in the USA. Sun City Arizona was the first project by Del Webb who can be called the grandfather of retirement communities.

He went on to build several more retirement communities around the country. In any case, Sun City Arizona opened on 1 January 1960, and the cars lined the streets to come and look at this strange new place.

A town just for seniors definitely tops our list of best retirement communities! Their marketing slogan is “The Original Fun City”, and the website has a never-ending list of amenities, things to do, activities to take part in.

It has everything you need within easy reach but is also close to Phoenix. The warm climate makes it popular with snowbirds.

Retirement Community with the Best Parties!

Who says the fun should stop when you get older? For those not willing to accept that getting older means you can’t have fun anymore, the Jimmy Buffet-inspired Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach, Florida is the place for you.

Built with resort-style amenities, cheesy tiki bars, a private beach club, and a host of recreation, dining, and entertainment options. Here you can really relax and enjoy yourself. According to the website, they offer island-inspired living and the opportunity to grow older without growing up.

Best Retirement Community for an Outdoor Lifestyle

This was a tough category with many retirement communities offering an outdoor lifestyle. We liked Del Webb Sweetgrass near Richmond, Texas. They offer miles of walking trails and outdoor activities so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition, there is a large central clubhouse for socializing, dining, and participating in indoor activities.

Boasting southern charm and hospitality, the list of clubs that you can participate in at Del Webb Sweetgrass range from a singing group called the Sweetgrass Singers, a Poker Club, Table Tennis, and a Book Club. Back to the outdoor lifestyle, there are plenty of options to explore nearby as the community is close to multiple parks and green spaces. If you do need a dose of the city, Houston is only 40 minutes away.

The Best of the Niche Communities - Three Way TIE!

The Burbank Senior Artists Colony is unique and different. It’s located in a city and is an apartment rental community. Here, you are welcome to make full use of the artist studios, classrooms, theatre, library, and display galleries to show off your work.

The Chiefland Astronomy Village is a small retirement community in northwest Florida built by a bunch of stargazers. Residents have built several astronomical observatories which they also allow non-residents to make use of.

The reason for building the retirement community in this neck of the woods is the low level of light pollution in the area. The community has lower prices, it is pet friendly, and might just be perfect for you.

Fox Hills Club in Bethesda, Maryland is focused on health and wellness. From health-focused restaurants to top-of-the-line fitness facilities, a spa and salon, as well as an arts and culture offering. This place is a little fancier than most with concierge services, but you can used to that while getting your weekly massage after a session in the gym.

What do you think?

Did you find your perfect place to retire from this list or do you have another location you think deserves to be added to our list of the best retirement community in the USA? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to check out our other real estate blog posts to help you find and purchase your dream home.

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