Residential Growth and Expansion in Magnolia Tx

Magnolia Tx is on the rise in popularity when it comes to building a home or moving there for good. It’s no secret that the residential growth and expansion in Magnolia Tx are booming and people are starting to talk about it. However, this proposes more questions about why and what to expect in the future. Recently, the area has seen a surge in single-family development, and thousands of homes starting to go up. This growth has also increased the need for storage facilities in the Magnolia area.

If you’re considering moving to this area or know someone who is then you may want to take the time to get a better understanding of what’s happening and unfolding in the area. Learn more about the residential growth and expansion in Magnolia Tx and what it all means for the community and its residents.

About Magnolia TX

Magnolia is a city in southwestern Montgomery County, Texas, in the United States. It sits within the Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land metropolitan areas. Many would agree that it’s a nice place to live and a great family friendly town. It’s not only quite a busy area but it’s close to downtown and there are beautiful homes that already exist there.

It has an excellent real estate market that continues to grow and expand and a lot of land that’s available and open to build on. Magnolia Tx in particular is a great place to live if you’re a history buff or you simply enjoy having fun as there are always a lot of things to do and see. It’s considered an outdoor paradise by many where you can experience and participate in birding, cycling, golf, and more.

A Massive Change

There is a massive change occurring when it comes to the residential growth and expansion in Magnolia Tx. In fact, it’s true that thousands of acres are already under development for residential and commercial uses along FM 1486 in the town in the coming years. Development and plans for expansion along the highway will likely mean growth and prosperity to the unincorporated area.

Magnolia Springs, specifically, which will include single-family and mixed-use components, is in its first phase of construction. Overall, it will bring more than 200 homesites. There will be a need for more educational opportunities and institutions as well as additional shopping and retail needs.

Why Magnolia

Magnolia is nationally ranked as 7th in growth among U.S. counties. So, you may be wondering why people are choosing Magnolia over all the other locations around the country? For starters, it’s only a short drive from Houston, which many find attractive. It is and hopes to remain a place that feels neighborly and where people get along, help one another, and where you are a part of a tight-knit community. It’s also a place you can start and grow a business if you choose to. Many people feel it’s a wonderful place to call home and want to do so themselves.

Below are both the mission and vision statements for Magnolia so you can get a better idea of where they’re headed:

Mission Statement: To focus on the future, to be “open for business” and remain a “Community of Unity.”

Vision Statement: To aggressively pursue all avenues of growth for new and existing businesses, and to maximize employment opportunities, tax base, and quality of life.

Residential Growth & Expansion in Magnolia TX

Another reason for the fast growth and expansion in Magnolia some believe is due to COVID-19 and the pandemic. With it came new telecommute opportunities, which have also motivated residents to want to move to more suburban areas like Magnolia. People are working remotely and staying at home in their communities to do their jobs while not having to jump in their cars and commute to the big city.

The Future of Magnolia

Many people agree that Magnolia was bound to see growth and are not that surprised by it. There will be a need for better transportation infrastructure to get to the location more easily and efficiently. One concern is that builders will run out of inventory and the sales funnel and growth will be forced to take a slower pace.

There’s an increase in demand with low supply. Home prices are expected to be in the low $200,000s for Creekside Court and up to $700,000 within parts of Audubon, according to the Community Impact Newspaper. Right now the area is just starting to see and experience the building boom.

What this Means

The residential growth and expansion happening in Magnolia Tx mean that there will be more residents, businesses, and retail being drawn to the location. There will be a greater need for services as well as companies and people who can fulfill these needs. While there will be challenges that come with this fast-paced growth, many are looking forward to the increase in residents and the larger communities. The city of Magnolia is also concentrating on extending utilities in the face of the anticipated growth.

It’s a massive change that many people may not be ready for or even expecting unless they’re up to speed with this information. Residents are going to see a lot of change in the next three to five years as additional homes and businesses go up and change and the environment in the county tries to adapt. The city needs to plan right and be able to supply the necessary infrastructure and living conditions that people will be expecting.


You should now be in the know and up to speed with what’s happening in Magnolia Tx currently and all the growth that’s occurring. While it’s an exciting time and many people are looking forward to living there, it’s important that the community and city are properly prepared and ready to have more residents and businesses settling in the area.

Most importantly, current residents and future residents want to see the city remain and still be Magnolia and not completely transform into something it’s not. While there are a lot of unknowns still to be figured out, many residents and builders are excited about the growth and what the future holds.