5 Things Your RV Storage Needs

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As we fade into the colder months, it’s time to plan how you’re going to store your RV. Picking a proper storage facility for such a valuable extension of your home is very important! No matter how long you plan on storing your RV, here are the five most important factors to consider when selecting an RV storage facility.


Security—When deciding on a long-term storage facility, it’s vital to prioritize safety and security standards before anything else. This means you’re looking for a properly constructed facility with the most safety amenities as possible. Amenities you’ll want to consider are:

  • Monitored alarms for each individual space.
  • A secure gate system with limited access by personal entrance code. There’s a large difference between simply having a fenced in facility and a secure and gated facility.
  • Round-the-clock camera surveillance system.
  • Locks on each of the units.
  • Self-Storage Insurance.


Flexible Access Hours—Certain facility owners will only allow you to have access to your stored RV during their working hours, and not after hours or on holidays. Finding a facility owner who allows you the flexibility of accessing your belongings whenever you need to is an important question to ask. When you have a long commute to get to the facility and you only have time to visit during off-hours, you’ll want to have that peace of mind that you can freely visit your storage whenever you need.


Assistance—Whether it’s your first time storing your RV in a storage facility or you’ve done this before, it’s most helpful and safest if you have assistance readily available to help you. Having a number to call at all times for questions and people to help you when you’re moving a large vehicle indoors can be crucial in some cases. You won’t want to pick a facility with limited staff and weak communication methods.


Amenities—Be sure the facility you choose has a proper wash area and dump station. Seeing that the facility itself is sanitized and dustless is also important. The RV should be protected from the elements such as dirt, moisture and rodents. These amenities, as well as additional conveniences such as electrical outlets in each space, easily maneuverable driveways, and even detailing services, will only improve your storage facility experience!


Climate Control—Storing your RV in a cold climate with chance of freezing in the winter? It’s worth it to consider a facility with climate control. RV’s are extremely sensitive to hot/cold temperature changes and shifts could cause damage to the vehicle.


These are our top 5 tips and we hope that they help you when making your storage facility selection! We offer the most amazing indoor and outdoor RV storage with all the right amenities. Check out more details today!

2 Responses to “5 Things Your RV Storage Needs”

  1. Dan Addams
    November 13, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    I do agree that when looking for RV storage, we should prioritize its security features. It makes sense because the level of security will determine how effective the storage is at keeping our RV safe. I will read the reviews to determine the best storage for an RV before going out and purchase one.

  2. Steve Smith
    February 9, 2023 at 9:50 am

    I like how you mentioned that you should consider knowing the available time to access your storage for efficient use. My uncle mentioned he and his friend were hoping to find an RV storage that could offer month-to-month storage options for our camping tours. He asked if I had any idea what would be the best option to consider. Thanks to this informative article, I’ll tell him they can consult a well-known RV storage service as they can answer all their inquiries and will keep the RV safe.


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