8 Things to Ask When Shopping for Storage

Are you shopping for storage?  If it’s your first or second time looking for storage, it can be difficult to know what to ask in order to ensure you’ve found a place that will truly keep your items secure.  That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 things to ask when shopping for storage to ask each and every property you visit.  The answer to these questions will help you determine if that property will provide you with the secure storage you and your items deserve.  An informed decision results in a happier storage experience.

Without further ado, here are our 8 best storage security questions:

1 – How is your property protected?

Ideally, the storage property/facility will have some form of security onsite.  The level of security varies with the quality of the storage property.   I’ve seen storage places with tiny, broken fences protecting their units and unit walls that don’t even go up to the ceiling. I’ve seen the opposite where the property’s perimeter is fully secured like a prison (minus the guards) and has each individual unit secured away from neighbors (ahem..I wonder where that was).

2 – How many cameras do you have on the property?

This is an important one.  Some places will only have cameras at the entrance, some won’t have any at all.  You want to make sure there are cameras that surround the property and actually keep the footage that’s recording.  This is one of the best ways to protect your items and prevent break ins:

Follow up questions to ask:

  • Are they digitally recording cameras and do they work right now? Many places do not have a working camera system.  That’s why you need to actually ask this. 
  • Do they record in color? This is very important to fully see who’s on the property
  • Are they at every entrance/exit/hallway point? Look at every access point to make sure. 
  • How long do you keep the footage? If you notice something suspicious and it’s been a month or two since your last visit, then who knows what will happen if the facility only keeps the footage for two weeks
  • Who monitors the cameras? Who’s watching to make sure no funny business goes on

3 – Do the walls in the unit go up to the ceiling?

Be sure to view the unit, preferably the one you’re renting, to make sure the walls actually DO go all the way up. This is a simple, but very important question to ask when shopping for storage. You would think the answer is always “yes”, but if you actually do your research, you’ll find it’s not as common as it should be.

4 – Does the climate controlling ventilation actually go into my unit?

Again, make sure to verify by visiting the unit because some places will have an “open climate controlled” layout, meaning your walls will not go all the way to the ceiling.

5 – What kind of alarm system do you have on the units?

Each unit should have alarms. This is important because it is your best defense against any break-in

  • Make sure to ask who monitors your alarms?
  • The alarm system should be monitored 24/7 and have dispatch ready to go if it goes off.

6 – What are your gate access hours?

A limitation, such as no access after 11pm to 6am, is more secure. That way you can be sure nobody is skulking around the property.

7 – Do you offer insurance or can I use my own insurance? 

Amazing Spaces requires all units to have insurance. This is one way we help ensure your storage experience will be positive, regardless of what unpredictable Texas weather chaos rolls in.

8 – What are you doing to prevent break-ins and have you ever had one?  

Super important here. Are the gates secured? Does the person have to enter in a personalized code to get in? Who can access the property? When can people access it? What kind of locks are being used on the property? All important factors to ensure your items remain where they should.

We’re here to help!

Each of these questions will help you find the best and most Amazing storage property for your needs.  If you need any additional advice on shopping for storage, simply call one of our properties. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your items stay secure, even if we’re not the place for you.  Your items are our priority.  Now you know the most important to ask when shopping for storage, but if you want more advice on what to ask, try checking out our FAQ page.

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