Best practice tips for storing bulky items

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We all have it—hard-to-store stuff! There’s some items that make it extra tricky to keep in a convenient spot and often times we’re left feeling overwhelmed with all that stuff we own! The good news is that there’s lots of creative storage ideas that will make your life that much easier! Check out some top resources for storing those popular, bulky items that are invading your space.

 Bike storage

When it comes to bike storage there are a LOT of various options. Most of which can be used in the home or at your storage space! Each option lends itself to the specific type of space you may have or how often you are accessing your bike!

Here’s our top picks:

Option 1: Saris Cycle Glide —This is a great option if you’re looking to save space! The Saris Cycle Glide allows you to hang bicycles from the rafters of your garage. The coolest part? Unlike a traditional humble hook, this is a system of hooks mounted on glides. Once the bikes are on the hooks, they can be slid closer to the wall on the glides that mount perpendicular to the wall. And because the hooks slide back and forth on the lower set of glides, the bikes can be nestled neatly together, taking up a lot less space.

This system also makes it easier to take down the bikes when they’re hanging over a parked car.

Option 2: The Racor Bike Lift—This rope and pulley system design allows you to suspend your bike from your ceiling. Simply latch the hooks to the seat, and handle bars and pull the rope. A unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely in place to prevent accidental release.

 Option 3: Topeak OneUp Bike Holder—Looking for a storage solution for an apartment or other small space? The OneUp Bike Holder is classy and functional. A molded rubber bar keeps the front wheel stationary preventing the bike from twisting. It includes all mounting hardware plus a molded rear wheel pad to prevent tire marks on the wall.

Fishing Rods

The only thing worse than tangled up fishing rods is not having the right storage space for them! Utilizing a space like the area above your garage door allows you to save space and have easy access.

Here’s our top picks:

Option 1: Rack’Em RacksWith 6 racks and one slat board, this is the perfect storage option for spaces like above your garage door!

Option 2: KastKing Fishing Rod Rack This aluminum rack holds a total of 24 different fishing rods! The reinforced legs prevent it from tipping over and the above average quality sets it apart as something that will last you for the long haul.

Golf Clubs

Looking for the best option to store your golf clubs and gear when they’re not in use? Rather than letting them jostle around in your trunk or take up unnecessary space, check out a few of our recommended options that will save you stress and time, fore

Here’s our top picks:

Option 1: Frontgate Golf OrganizerIf you’re looking for a beautifully crafted item, this 3-shelf organization center is for you! It is designed to hold golf shoes, extra clubs, towels, boxes of golf balls, towels, and so much more. This is the ultimate in golf storage solutions!

Option 2: Golf Caddy Wall StorageThis option won’t break the bank and provides an effective and efficient option for your golf storage needs. Allowing space for 2 golf bags and shoes, this option can also be mounted to the garage wall. Not only does it properly store golf items, but, it also will store other sporting goods and camping gear. A dual-purpose option for your entire family!


These are just a few of our favorite resources for combating those bulky item storage hurdles. Our team at Amazing Spaces, would also love to assist you with ideas for organizing your storage unit, as it is truly an extension of your home! Visit any one of our locations today.

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