Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage? Here’s How to Tell!

Climate Controlled vs Non Climate Controlled Storage

There are quite a few differences between these storage types. Here’s how to know which to choose!

As soon as you begin your self-storage research journey, you are immediately confronted with the challenge: should you have a climate controlled space or a non-climate controlled space? How do you know what is right for you?

Rule of Thumb for Climate Controlled Storage

The question you need to ask yourself to identify whether you need a climate or non-climate space is actually quite simple: are the items you plan to store located inside a home or office building? If the items are primarily located indoors, then we recommend a climate controlled space for your needs. This is especially true for items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, important papers, and photographs.

When to Choose a Non-Climate Storage Unit

If the items you plan to store are primarily located outdoors, in a shed, or even your garage, then you probably don’t need climate controlling and a non-climate space will be just fine for your needs.

If you do plan to store a variety of items in a non-climate space, make sure to loosely wrap the items with packing materials or moving blankets. This will help cut down on dust that may find it’s way to your non-climate space. By wrapping it loosely, you help protect against moisture from building up in-between the wrapping. To further protect the items being stored, you may wrap items in your climate controlled space, but because the humidity is controlled, you don’t need to worry about moisture building up.

Often, our clients assume because the temperature outdoors is cool, a climate controlled space isn’t necessary. This is false, as climate controlled storage does more than just control the temperature, it also controls the humidity level. Having a fully climatized space will ensure your items remain protected against the notorious Houston humidity. Climate controlled spaces are also located indoors, which help protect against the elements and ensure your items are kept clean and in optimal condition.

Both climate controlled and non climate storage spaces at Amazing Spaces feature floor to ceiling walls, insulated spaces, and painted and sealed floors (which help to cut down on moisture and dust).

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