Essential Storage Tips for Houstonians Who Have Everything

Self-storage has been growing in popularity over the past few years in the United States.  According to the Self-Storage Association, 1 in 10 US households currently rent a self-storage unit, a substantial increase (65% to be precise) from the 1 in 17 homes who rented space in 1995.  Self-storage rentals can be useful for any individual or family, especially people who live in urban areas.  Houston is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the country, and its 6 million plus residents all need somewhere to keep their things.  Public storage in Houston can help those residents who feel a bit cramped in their homes and apartments.


Determine What Can Handle Storage

You probably have a lot of items you want to put into storage, but it’s important to keep in mind that some things do better in storage than others.  Furniture, clothing, seasonal tools (rakes, lawn mowers, snow blowers), and household items like dishes and lamps can last for a long time if they’re stored properly.  Electronics, old photos and paintings can be stored, but if they aren’t stored correctly they could be damaged if they’re left exposed to the elements.


Protect and Wrap

People who are planning on using storage units should do whatever they can to protect their property from the elements.  Houston weather can get hot, but luckily most areas experience dry heat instead of humid heat which can promote the growth of mold.  Even though the weather is usually dry, storage renters should wrap everything they store in plastic.  The plastic won’t just protect your property from weather, it will also protect your items from dust and common pests like insects and mice.


Label Everything

You’ll have a pretty good idea of where everything is in your storage unit when you first put them in.  Once you start shuffling things around and taking things in and out of storage, you’re going to have a hard time remembering where every single item is.  Save yourself a lot of time and confusion by clearly labeling every item you have, and try to store like items together so you can find things quickly and easily.


Think Small

If you were to try and pack your fully assembled king sized bed in a storage facility, you wouldn’t be able to fit it in there.  But if you take it apart, and load in the headboard, frame, and mattress separately you’ll be able to fit everything you need. If you’re planning on moving large items in your storage space, don’t pack them in fully assembled.  A lot of large items can be broken down efficiently, and when they’re apart they’ll be able to take up far less space.

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