4 Ways To Quickly Organize & Improve Your Garden Storage


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A Guide To Uncluttering And Organizing Your Garden Storage

The gardening movement is alive and well in backyards all over the country. According to statistics, 117.6 million Americans are actively gardening. As people are getting more enthusiastic about growing their own vegetables and flowers, it’s likely that more individuals are also spending a significant amount of time on lawn and gardening materials. If you’re an avid gardener, you’ve probably invested in tools, gadgets, and other essentials to make your garden look its best, but are you storing your tools properly? The garage or shed are seldom given much thought as one’s indoor space, but having a well-organized shed can make it easier to find the things that you need and it also makes your storage space safer, just in case curious children decide to go exploring in there. Here’s a guide to uncluttering and organizing your garden shed.

Take inventory

Have a look at what you have inside your shed. If you’ve got three rakes, a reel, push, and electric lawn mower, five hedge trimmers, and 20 containers of fertilizer, you may want to think about whether you need to keep all of them inside your shed. You can sell some of your extra tools online or donate them to a community garden. Check that all of your tools are in good condition before deciding to keep them.

Consider adding a few shelves

If there are a lot of items in your shed that you don’t need to use on a daily basis, then place them up high on shelves. If you don’t have any shelving, you can make your own with some plywood. You can also buy ready-made metal shelves, but make sure to secure these to the wall so the shelves won’t topple over and hurt you or your family members.

gardening storageHang tools on the wall

Rakes, shovels, and the like can be hung on a wall. Hammer a few sturdy nails into the wall to have a place to store cumbersome items like these. For smaller tools, you can make a custom pegboard tool holder to hold scissors, clippers, and trowels, among others.

Keep pesticides and fertilizer in a safe place

Pesticides are highly toxic and if these come into contact with people or animals, it can cause injury to the skin, eyes, lungs, and mouth. This is why pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals should be stored in a sturdy plastic bin and kept out of reach of children.

Having a well-organized shed can make gardening a pleasure. Follow these tips to declutter and arrange your storage space to make into the ideal place to store your tools.

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