How to Store Bulky Halloween Décor

Storing Halloween Decor | How to Store Bulky Halloween Décor | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Fall is a great season for displaying some of your favorite indoor and outdoor decorations, as you celebrate cooler temperatures, apples, pumpkins galore and the Halloween spirit! However, what do you do after all the fun is over and you’re left with a slew of oversized spiders, wreaths, and inflatables?

We’re taking the fear out of packing, with these Spooktacular ideas on storing all that bulky Halloween decor!

  • Use plastic bins/totes—For small to medium sized items, try using plastic bins, not cardboard. This will make it easier to see what decorations are being stored and will allow for reusability year over year. Additionally, color coordinate your bins based on the holiday! Think, orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, and pastels for Easter. You’ll appreciate this the next time you’re breaking your back sorting through all the storage bins!
  • Store large, bulky, lawn décor in a large, rolling garbage can—Not only does it hold tall items in place and keep everything organized, but, it’s convenient to transport. Simply roll back out to the yard next year when decorating.
  • Labeling—1.) Sort by room-This often makes it easier when unpacking your items. Simply place the totes around you home in the specified room and begin the fun! This is perfect for that garland you always display over the mantle each year. 2.) Label all sides of the storage bin and number according to the total number of bins(Ex: 1/6), so you know you’re not forgetting anything. 3.) Snap a photo of what’s in the bin, print it, and tape it to the outside, then you know exactly what’s in there!
  • Sort before packing— Be sure to ask yourself if certain items will store well or not. Some may be best off getting tossed to avoid mold, mildew, and leaks. 1.) Remove all batteries from decorations. 2.) Special effects makeup needs to be purchased each year and does not last. 3.) Glow sticks often leak when stored. 4.) Any natural, fall foliage will disintegrate unless you treat it.
  • Storing the small stuff— 1.) Use clear, plastic wrap to store decorations with moving parts and keep them in place, such as a skeleton. 2.) Slide a single sock over candles to keep them cushioned and dust free. 3.) Roll your stringed lights in a bed sheet rolled up, or, use a piece of cardboard with a slit for the plug.
  • Avoid moisture damage—Use moisture-resistant zippered bags to store wreaths and garland. These are often convenient because you can hang them individually from basement or garage walls.
  • Tuck it out of the way—Since you only need to access these decorations once a year, you have the luxury of storing your items away. Utilize ceiling racks in the garage, or, high storage in the basement. If you don’t have room in your home, we’d be honored if you consider storing your items at Amazing Spaces.  We would be happy to assist you in storing all of your holiday decorations in one of our AMAZING, climate controlled storage facilities. Call us today: 281-378-4343.

Let’s face it, you deserve to ENJOY the holidays and all the excitement involved. Don’t let the dreaded clean-up process put a damper on your fun! Make it a family affair and recruit each member a different room to pack-up. Once it’s all completed, enjoy cider and donuts and make some AMAZING memories together!

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