How Storage Can Help Save a Marriage


It may seem like a lofty claim that renting a storage can help  save a marriage and make sure your family stays together, but think about it for a second. How many times have you and your spouse gotten into an argument over one of you having too much stuff and causing clutter, or over one of you wanting “just one more thing” to add to your already extensive collection—that’s taking over the living room?

None of us wants to sacrifice the possessions we’ve accumulated over the years. There are memories and feelings attached to them. So we can be pretty passionate about not only keeping them, but also keeping them safe.

When my husband and I got married and moved in together, I was surprised to learn that he had boxes upon boxes of Star Wars toys—sorry, action figures—that he had been collecting for years. Now a blended family of five with limited closet space, I naturally put the boxes into the garage. That went over about as well as a lead balloon. So I suggested the attic. That was also not an option. So we argued. I said they weren’t important and we should sell them. After all, isn’t that why people collect valuable things, to sell them after a while? He claimed he wanted to keep them just because he liked them. “Well, I like to have a place for my clothes and shoes” was my response to that, which of course led to him saying that I didn’t need all of those clothes and shoes. Eventually, because I’m slightly less stubborn, I gave in and stored many of my possessions under our bed while our closet became the place where Star Wars collectibles went to die.

All of that bickering and my inevitable animosity toward both my husband and his toys could have been avoided had we considered renting a storage unit where Luke and Leia could be safe and sound.

That’s just one example. What about the husbands who feel they’ve been forced to give up tools and sporting equipment to give their wife room to park her car in the garage? Or the wives who would love to have a workout room if only their husbands would stop using the extra bedroom to accommodate his obsession with comic books? There are probably hundreds of couples that would benefit from finding an affordable, high-end, climate controlled storage—not just to save their valued possessions, but possibly their marriage!

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