How to Find the Best Storage Unit Size for Your Needs


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Everyone has one: the area in our home that becomes a “catch-all” for everything we have that we don’t know what to do with. Whether it’s a drawer, closet, room, garage, or shed, these spaces can quickly become overwhelming and ignored, causing unnecessary stress and causing you to lose out on the use of an entire area of your home. To remedy this issue, a storage unit can be the perfect solution to safely store the items you don’t use every day, but which you know you’re going to need at some point or another. How do you determine which size storage unit is right for you? Check out this easy guide to find out.

Before you move anything to a storage unit, make sure you’ve uncluttered and simplified as much as possible. Storage units are a great fit for many needs, but if you just pile a bunch of stuff you’re never going to use inside of one, you’re basically creating an unnecessary added cost for yourself, as you’re paying to store things you don’t need, and could bear to get rid of, anyway. First consider what is truly necessary to keep ensuring you keep items in your storage unit that you actually need access to, making the investment in a storage unit much more sound financially. Not only that, but you may be able to slightly downsize the unit you need, saving you even more money.


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Now that you’ve got only the items you absolutely need to store, it’s time to decide on the right size storage unit to keep them in. The best approach is to first measure all the major items you plan to store, such as appliances, large furniture, major electronic components, and large tools and machinery. Measure length and width to get a rough idea of the area each of these items will take up, and then add the results to estimate how much total area your major items will occupy. Once you have that measurement, add space for smaller items, keeping in mind that many of these other items can be placed on top of, in between, and even inside of, the larger items. Using this method allows you to group like items together, with a major item or two from each category serving as a landmark to allow you to easily spot them once everything is placed inside the unit.

Moving Around

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Once you’ve figured out how much room you need for the items you plan to store, make sure you also allow enough room to move around in your unit. Quality, climate-controlled units at Amazing Spaces should be seen almost as an extension of your home, meaning you need to provide easy access to all the items you put in your unit. Especially in larger units, creating a small aisle down the center of your stored belongings allows easy access to everything, so you don’t lose track of what you have stored, and can also easily remove or add items, as needed. Easy access is key to ensuring your personal satisfaction with the results of your storage unit, as it allows you to keep your home clutter-free, while also having quick access to items which are incredibly useful but aren’t used as often.

Here to Help

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No matter what size you choose, you can be sure the team here at Amazing Spaces will provide you with the best service possible. As well as highly-secured storage units available at your convenience between 6 am and 11 pm, every day. 

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Luxury Self Storage Design | How to Find the Best Storage Unit Size for Your Needs | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

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  1. It was really helpful when you said to measure everything that you plan on storing. My husband and I have a lot of boxes in our basement, and we want to look into putting them into a storage unit so that we can remodel our basement within the next couple of months. I’ll keep these tips in mind as we search for a storage unit to rent for our things! https://www.bandrstorage.com/services

  2. Jessie Holloway
    April 4, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    Thanks so much for talking about how if you don’t organize your unit then you’ll never come back to it and it’ll become an unnecessary cost. My sister is moving house and she’s trying to declutter so she knows what she wants to take to the new place and what she doesn’t need. We know storage units are a great way to keep organized and separate your piles, so we’ll have to look into finding one she can rent for a bit. https://www.towncenterselfstorage.com/


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