How to Store Leather Furniture in a Storage Unit


How to Store Leather Furniture2 | How to Store Leather Furniture in a Storage Unit | Amazing Spaces Storage Centers

Today, we’re talking about a popular topic that we often get questions about from our customers! How to store your quality leather furniture in a storage unit and ensure it stays good as new.

Select a climate controlled unit

If you’re intending on storing your leather furniture for a long period of time, there are many things to consider in order to maintain its quality when you’re ready to use it again. However, the most important factor to start with is making sure it’s kept in a properly climate controlled indoor storage unit that has proper temperature and humidity regulation. Too much humidity causes the leather to sweat, while lack of enough humidity dries it out and causes it to crack.

Clean and moisturize

Much like our skin, leather can benefit greatly from proper cleaning and moisturizing. Before moving any of your furniture into storage, take the time to sanitize, clean, and then moisturize the leather. This process helps clear any stains or dirt you may not have noticed before and conditions the leather to prevent it from drying out. Use any of your favorite leather cleaners and conditioners and follow their directions for the best results. Give the moisturizing conditioner a few days to seep into the leather before placing it into storage. Here’s a great recipe to clean your leather with a make your own leather cleaner with supplies you likely have around the house!

Prepare the area

After your furniture is prepared for storage, it’s best to line the floor with tarps to further protect the furniture. Placing something on the floor to set the furniture on top of will help keep it clean from dirt and grime. It’s important to note that it’s not recommended to  wrap any leather furniture in plastic because this will encourage mildew. A thin cotton-like covering allows the leather to properly breathe.

Allow the furniture room to breathe

Organizing your storage unit is essential to ensure you’re leaving enough space around the furniture. You want to avoid setting or stacking anything on top of the leather, but, rather leave it undisturbed and place the other storage items around it. Here’s a great blog post with some key tips on how to properly organize your storage space!


We hope that these simple tips make your storage experience all the more amazing! Feel free to reach out to any A-team member to discuss any of your storage related questions, we’re happy to help!

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