Long Term Storage, What You Need To Know


long term storage

These days, many of us need to invest in a storage space at some point. Some people find that they don’t have enough room in their small living space for all of their belongings, while others want to keep valuable family heirlooms safe. Some people will need to find a way to keep their belongings in storage for ten years or more. There are things that you can store safely for well over a decade as long as you know how to keep it safe.

First of all, you need to determine which of your belongings can go into long-term storage. It’s easy to assume that anything that isn’t perishable can go into a storage unit for several years, but there are some limitations. If you have books, photographs, or paper documents of any value, you will need to be very careful of how they are stored. These items can — and often are — packed away for decades at a time, but you need to have them placed in properly sealed containers if you don’t want them to deteriorate. A climate-controlled space could be exactly what these materials need to stay in decent condition for years to come.

Most kinds of furniture can be packed away safely in long-term storage, but once again you still have to be careful with how they are stored. Any furniture you pack away should be thoroughly cleaned with the appropriate cleaners and left to dry completely before they are put into long-term storage. The last thing you want is for an antique wooden chair to fall victim to moisture damage because you didn’t take the time to let it dry before placing it in a storage unit. Disassemble any furniture that you can, and wrap it with bubble cushion wrap or some other kind of protective material to keep it safe. Don’t pack it too tightly when you put it away and remember to look into a climate-controlled unit for the best results.

Finally, vehicles and appliances can be stored safely as long as they are kept in the right environment. Drain any fuel or other fluids that may be left inside engines or tanks, and make sure to keep any vulnerable areas covered and protected. Remember to leave your vehicles and appliances in spaces that are designated for their use so that they are in ideal working condition when you retrieve them later.

The best way to ensure that your belongings will be safe in long-term storage is to familiarize yourself with your belongings and how they can be stored. Pay attention to any tags that are on your furniture or clothing, and don’t forget to leave any fragile wooden objects in a climate-controlled space. Amazing Spaces Storage Centers is dedicated to keeping your belongings safe and secure, but you should know what you own and how it should be properly stored if you really want it to be in good shape years from now.

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  1. Henry Killingsworth
    January 30, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    It’s great that you mentioned that most kinds of furniture can be kept in a storage unit. With that in mind, it seems like you would want to make sure that you are covering your furniture with some kind of plastic sheet. This would prevent your furniture from collecting dust and getting damaged.


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